6 Traits That Are Commonly Found In People Who Like To Be Alone

Are you someone who prefers being alone?

Introverts often get a bad rep in this world and it’s so weird why that is so. Sure, it’s the extroverts who are always garnering all of the attention because of how outgoing and boisterous they can be with how they live their lives. But that doesn’t mean that an introvert doesn’t have anything valuable to bring to the table either.

There are so many stereotypes and unfair assumptions that come attached with introverted people. And it’s because of this that so many introverts tend to feel like they have to put extra effort into defending the manner in which they go about their lives. They feel like they are often judged and mislabeled as people who are indifferent, disconnected, and weird. That’s not necessarily going to be the case. There are plenty of great introverts out there who just don’t get the fine recognition that they deserve because they like to keep to themselves. That shouldn’t give anyone else the right to label them as lesser forms of people.

The extrovert is always going to have the advantage of being understood purely because they aren’t afraid of speaking their minds and saying what’s in their hearts. However, the shy and withdrawn introvert is often misunderstood and that’s where a lot of the unfair judgment can stem from. They don’t feel as comfortable with communicating what they’re thinking or what they’re feeling as extroverts do.

So to get to the point of this article. Listed below will be a few traits that you might now know are common among introverts. This article aims to be the words that introverts fail to say when they’re defending themselves. This is to give the reader a better lens through which they can look at the life of an introverted person. The vast majority of problems in this world can be solved if human beings just made a better effort to understand one another; to meet each other halfway. And seeing that introverted individuals make up one of the most misunderstood classes of human beings on earth, then this article is indeed necessary. To help you understand the introvert better, it would be great for you to know what traits they have in their personalities, and how these traits shape who they are as individuals.

1. Introverted people are always going to be loyal.

Introverts are always going to be loyal. They aren’t going to be so outgoing to the point where they’re practically collecting friends left and right. No. An introvert is always going to prefer just surrounding themselves with a small group of people they can build genuine relationships with. And when it comes to this select group, the introvert is always going to stay loyal to them.

2. Introverted people still get a thrill from immersing themselves in new experiences.

A lot of people tend to think that introverts don’t like to place themselves in unfamiliar situations because they scare easily. That’s not the truth. In fact, the truth is far from it. Introverted people are just as passionate about pursuing their curiosities as extroverts are. They just aren’t as loud or as boisterous when it comes to advertising their adventures.

3. Introverted people are confident in who they are.

Just because an introverted person isn’t one who is known to speak out much doesn’t mean that they lack the confidence to do so. They aren’t nervous about expressing their feelings or voicing their opinions. They just don’t feel like they are compelled to. It’s as simple as that really.

4. Introverted people embrace whatever time they get to spend alone they aren’t sad about it.

There is this common stigma that is attached to introverts which says that they are sad and lonely all of the time. That’s rarely ever the case. The reason introverted people tend to be alone most of the time is because they find joy and fulfilment in solitude. They think that being alone really gives them the time to think and reflect about life.

5. Introverted people are always going to value time.

An introverted person is always going to value time. They want to be as productive as possible with whatever time they have on this earth. And that’s why they hate it whenever other people deliberately waste their time or when they end up wasting other peoples’ time as well.

6. Introverted people value freedom, independence, and personal space more than anything else in this world.

Part of the reason why introverted people don’t like to hang out with other human beings much is because they really value their personal space. In a way, they see relationships and interactions with other people as potential threats to their freedom and independence. Not to say that they’re uncomfortable with who they are. They’re just scared of letting people in out of fear of being abused and manipulated.

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