6 Tricks Some Men Use To Get Women To Sleep With Them

If you think women are good at manipulating, wait until you meet some men. They can do whatever it takes to get you into bed and then leave you once they’ve satisfied their desires. Some women don’t even realize they’re being manipulated by these men. They believe they’re in control of the situation, but then the man loses interest after being intimate.

Many women end up hurt and scared of commitment after being let down by men who promised love but disappeared after sex. While there are good guys who are sincere and caring, there are also players who only want one thing.

Let’s look at some ways men use to manipulate women into sleeping with them.

1. Those Three Words

Some girls are easily swayed by the phrase ‘I Love You,’ and many players exploit this. After dating for a while, when you’re uncertain about his feelings, he utters those words, and you give in. Once he achieves his goal, his affection fades. Many hearts are hurt by these words. Be careful of trusting every ‘I love you’; he could be using this trick to get you to sleep with him.

2. The Marriage Trick

Many hearts break over marriage vows. Men exploit women’s longing for wedlock. They dangle marriage, withhold advances, and when intimacy happens, their interest fades. Their goal achieved: luring you to bed. They use marriage promises to their advantage, playing with your dreams. Stay cautious and protect your heart.

3. Alcohol

He keeps urging you to drink more during your date, pressuring you. Back at home, your thoughts are fuzzy due to the alcohol, and you end up in a situation you might not have chosen if you were clear-headed. Be cautious of such tactics and prioritize your well-being. Trust your instincts and don’t let anyone push you into decisions you’re uncomfortable with.

4. The “Friendship” Role

Certain guys may pretend to be your friends, spending time with you and offering support, until they achieve their goal of intimacy. They maintain consistent communication to build trust, but once they’ve achieved their intention, they may gradually decrease their interactions and eventually stop altogether. It’s important to be cautious of such behavior and prioritize relationships based on respect and genuine care.

5. The Sweet Tongue

Certain guys have a way with words, knowing how and when to say things to persuade you. They can use charming words to make you feel special, even when you might not believe it. They shower you with compliments about your looks, saying things like, “You’re incredibly beautiful, your beauty is so captivating.” While their sweet talk might feel nice, it’s important to be cautious and not let it fool you into doing something you will regret later.

6. The Sad Story Trick

Women are often very sensitive and empathetic, feeling deeply for others. When he opens up and shares his vulnerabilities, it can make you feel a strong connection and a desire to support him. He might talk about his struggles, and your caring nature makes you want to comfort him, leading you to lower your defenses. It’s important to be cautious though, as emotional connections can sometimes cloud judgment and influence your decisions.

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  1. #6 is the biggest one…the sad story trick. They may be married or living with someone and they tell you how sad they are in the relationship. If it were that bad they would not be in it. Life is about choices…that’s what I think.

  2. I would just like to state for the record that all of these have been done to me by a female! I am male! So maybe it doesn’t happen as often as men on women but your thread is sexist, gender equality please

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