6 Types of Friends everyone needs in their Life

We meet a lot of different people in our lives which have different personality traits. If you have diversity in your life, your life automatically goes from dreary to exciting. Friends are something we should all treasure and there are a lot of people in our lives that leave some sort of a permanent impression on us.

They have some idiosyncrasies which set them apart from every other person. These kinds of friends are essential for different occasions and difficult times. Their application is not only limited to difficult times but they are also quite helpful in times of extreme boredom or when you just want to have a wild adventure and discover new things.

Most of us have watched ‘Ice Age’ and we all know that Manny didn’t need other elephants to make best friends. Diego was pretty fierce and the ˜’Dude” of the group. Sid was downright weird and had a knack for creating troubling situations unintentionally. They got along pretty well at times of meltdown even though one of them was Sid.В We all have a Sid in our lives and he might be the one reading this and wondering who The Sid in his group of friends is. Let me save him the time and energy. Dude, it’s you! They also know you by the name of McLovin.

All kinds of friends, no matter how they are, are important in our lives. They just need to stick with us long enough and care for us and that’s all that really matters. Here are 10 types of friends everyone should have in their lives.

1. The Best friend

Your best friend is the one who has been with you throughout all the troubling situations. If you’re a guy, you go to their home whenever you have any plans. If you want to play some video games or have a sleepover, he’s the one you call without even thinking about it. If you’re a girl, you tell him about your crushes and your darkest secrets. You discuss things which you aren’t comfortable sharing with others. You know that your best friend will never judge you even in the most questionable of situations.

2. The Crazy one

Well, if you want to have a kick-ass party, you always call the wild one. He’ll do stuff that you can never imagine of doing yourself. Sometimes, his personality starts to transfuse into you. You become even crazier than him when you’re around him. He just stimulates your inner fury or inner excitement and you just turn into this whole different person. You discover parts of you which you didn’t even think there were to begin with. It’s all spontaneous when you are with him.

I just hope Admiral General Aladeen isn’t the crazy friend in your group. Seriously. You can just tick off winning the Olympics from your bucket list.

3. The Mom

There’s always a mom in the group. They are overly concerned about your feelings and emotions and they will always take extra measures to make things right for you. Sometimes, they might get annoying and all but they are super important in the difficult times of your life.

4. The blunt person

There’s always one friend who doesn’t think twice before uttering anything. They are quite straightforward when it comes to dealing with people. They say what they feel and they are pretty genuine. You will not find them lying much about things.

They will be brutally honest with you and sometimes they might say something that might hurt you but they will apologize for it later on and you will understand them because you know it’s who they are and you know that they can’t control their impulsive habits.

5. The Love Guru

Now, this kind of a friend has the least dating experience but they will go all love guru on you. They will give you such deep advice that you’ll always go to them whenever you need some help. They’ll be like your family shrink. Sometimes, their advice might even get you in serious trouble but at the end of the day, you will just laugh it off because that’s what friends do.

6. The Joker

This friend is the best of the lot. Humor is always something that people crave. Even though you are trapped in depressing times, just spending a little time with them will make you crack up. They have the ability to change your mood from that of a hormonal teenage girl to that of Seth Rogen.

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So, do you have these types of friends in your life? Do you have any crazy experiences with your friends you would like to share with me?

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