6 Valuable Things You Can Learn About A Person Based On A Single Kiss

According to the findings of some studies, the average woman kisses around 14 men and goes through at least 2 long-term relationships before she actually meets the guy she’s destined to spend the rest of her life with. It’s also been found that on average, a woman is likely to get her heart broken at least twice before she can find true love. If you’re just starting out as a newbie in the dating scene, these numbers might frighten you. You always want to be finding the love of your life as soon as possible. You don’t want to be wasting your time with people who are eventually just going to disappoint you, leave you, or break your heart.

But what if someone told you that there was a way for you to really know a lot about a person based on your first kiss? Well, it might sound farfetched but there is actually some truth to this. You are really able to learn a lot about an individual and how the two of you would work together in the future based on a single kiss. And if you’re curious about how you can better read a person’s kiss, then this is the article for you.

1. A kiss can tell you if you have chemistry with someone.

Of course, there is no real tangible or quantitative way to measure chemistry in a relationship. And it’s something that people often find difficulty in putting into words. But when you feel chemistry with a person for the first time, you just know. You experience it firsthand and you know for yourself that there is a spark between you and another person. Your partner might not be the most technically proficient kisser in the world, but sometimes, great chemistry can make up for a lack of skill.

2. A kiss can tell you if your partner is going to be good in bed.

When they say that a kiss can tell you a lot about what a future relationship is going to look like, they also mean for sex to be included in that. You can tell that a person is going to be really good in a bedroom based on the techniques that they apply as they’re kissing you for the first time. Make no mistake that a good kisser is often going to translate to a good lover in the bedroom.

3. A kiss can tell you if you have a partner who is going to be confident.

You can really tell a lot about a person’s level of confidence based on how they’re going to approach kissing you for the first time. For instance, you might notice that your partner is nervously fidgeting as they draw closer to you. Maybe you notice that they dive right into the kiss without any real hesitation. A confident person is often someone who is fully aware of what they are doing and they show no signs of regret about it.

4. A kiss can tell you if you have a partner who takes self-care and hygiene seriously.

A lot of people can view a kiss as a very unsanitary act. But ultimately, it doesn’t really do much harm unless there are any unwanted diseases involved. You can tell a lot about how much your partner values self-care based on the first kiss. For instance, they might have some really bad breath that makes it hard for you breathe. That is a sign that they might have poor oral hygiene.

5. A kiss can tell you if your partner is a good listener.

When you engage in a kiss with your partner, you can’t really communicate your wants and preferences to your partner on a verbal basis. And this is where the reading of body language really comes into handy. If you have a partner is able to pick up on the tactile cues that you are giving them, that that is an indicator of a good listener. You have someone who is constantly trying to read you and figure out what you really need from them.

6. A kiss will tell you how serious a relationship is going to be.

When a person locks lips with you, then you can assure yourself that this person is definitely attracted to you. However, you shouldn’t always take a kiss to be a sign of seriousness in a relationship. When someone is overly aggressive in a first kiss, it might be a sign of a lack of seriousness. However, when someone is delicate and careful, then it might be a sign that they genuinely care about your feelings.

So there you have it. Those are only a few examples of how a kiss could mean more than just a kiss. You just have to make sure that you are insightful enough to actually attribute meaning to the kisses that you have in life.

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