6 Ways To Kiss A Man To Make Him Obsessed With You

By the time you’re done with him, he isn’t going to want to waste any more time. He’s going to want seconds almost immediately. He’s going to want to get right back in there with you. You have to know that kissing can have substantially different effects on men and women. A lot of men will put a lot more emotional weight and prominence behind kissing whereas men will tend to take a more casual and physical approach to it. You have to keep in mind that a lot of it has to do with biology. When a woman is locked in a kiss, it’s the easiest way to get her aroused; the fastest way to get her into the mood for sensuality.

That’s why it’s always advisable for a lot of men to spend lots of time kissing women before sex because that’s going to make the sexual experience a lot more amazing and mind-blowing. However, not a lot of men know that. Not a lot of men will consider the importance of kissing in a relationship, or kissing before sex. And that’s when it’s your job as a woman to make him see the importance of it. It’s your job to convince him that kissing is amazing if it’s going to be done right. You have to be able to entice him with your lips.

There’s no denying the emotional impact that comes with sharing a kiss with the person you love. But sometimes, your man is going to need a little reminder every now and then. But if you want to make sure that he’s never going to take your kisses for granted ever again, then there are a few techniques that you could try out to make him obsess over you.

1. Make sure that you are kissable first.

You want to make sure that the kissing experience is as memorable and as pleasurable as possible. And the only way you can do that is if you really pay attention to the littlest details. You really need to make sure that you have all bases covered. Make sure that your breath is smelling fresh and minty; no one likes to kiss anyone with garlic breath. Make sure that your lips are moisturized and smooth. Chapped lips may wreck the overall experience. It’s the little stuff these that really make a difference.

2. Take your time with it and don’t rush through anything.

Kissing shouldn’t have to be like sex where it’s just bam – bam – bam all of the time. You need to take things slow. Really take your time with it. There is no orgasm when it comes to kissing so you don’t really have to be rushing anything. You need to take your time and move very slowly. Be very deliberate and delicate with your movements. Be passionate but also make sure that you are being gentle with one another. Try your best to savour every little aspect of your make-out session.

3. Mix things up to keep it interesting.

Don’t be so content with just a few random pecks on the lips. Learn to really play with one another. There are many nuances to a good kiss and it’s more than just merely brushing your lips against one another’s. Try to experiment a little bit. Play around with your tongues and your teeth. You can incorporate some serious licking in there. You can also add in some playful biting if the both of you are going to be into it. It’s really all a matter of figuring out what both of you like and having a set of moves that the both of you can really rely on. It’s a lot like sex in that manner.

4. Make use of your hands to spice it up a little bit.

Don’t be afraid to make use of your hands. You can’t just be so content to keep your hands on the side. Your hands can’t be mere spectators. Let them in the game to spice things up. Making use of your hands effectively can really enhance the entire experience as a whole. It can really make everything much more interesting. It’s also a great way to stimulate one another. Maybe you can rub your hands on his chest or you can pull lightly on his air.

5. Kissing doesn’t always have to be done on the lips.

Don’t be so boxed into a certain way of kissing. You can always experiment by going away from traditional methods. Go ahead and kiss his neck, his chest, his cheeks. Kissing doesn’t always have to be relegated to a lip on lip action. The more you mix it up, the less predictable you become.

6. Really put some purpose into every little aspect of your kiss.

Really make sure you mean it. Put some meaning and emotion behind your kiss. You can’t just be treating it like some kind of physical activity. Let him feel your emotions through the movement of your lips. Make him understand just how important a kiss is to you.

  1. Best post for a long time, l was nearly going to block this site , for constantly putting men down, how women treat themselves, teaches boys n men how to treat them, it’s a catch 22 thing, but nowadays, both sides need to do a lot of re-educating,

    1. I totally agree with you! Women are far from perfect and many women seem to have an agenda…just as many men do. I enjoy the articles relating to helping myself to become better…in all aspects. 😊

  2. Very beautiful descriptions… As I like to say, kissing is like having a secret, a secret you want to share with your person, kiss as if you’re whispering your most deepest secret and you want him/her to understand… Unfold your secret, use your hands to guide the narrative, as you continue to caress their body with gentle slow whispers (kisses) so they don’t miss a thing!

  3. Kissing is the ultimate turn on. Slow, hot, sometimes, the lips do not have to touch, just feel the heat…random neck kisses, chin kisses, all are hot..:

      1. Kissing is the first step in foreplay. It is the ultimate turn on when I am kissed with passion and tenderness. Kissing is hot!

  4. Omg I love to kiss but my husband only gives me a peck when he leaves for work and before we go to sleep. I think I must suck at
    Kissing for him to not want to deep kiss me like when we were dating😰

    1. Tammy, he could also be thinking the same thing you are. You don’t have to wait for him to kiss you how you want to be kissed girl! You show him how you want to kiss him! If he gives you a peck, pull him back in and give him a hot, passionate kiss. I’m pretty sure he won’t turn it down! 😊😉

    2. Oh my goodness girl!!! I used to think that about my husband!! One day I decided I was going to go after him the way I used to when we were dating and early married. That day, when he came home, instead of sitting on “my side” of the couch, I came into the room, lifted his feet up and sat under them. I kept doing it every day and each day I got closer and closer and more touchy feely. I finally got up to laying right upon him and wrapped his arms around me (I picked his arms up and put them around me)… the next day, he did it automatically- then I gently grabbed his head, pulled him close to me and kissed him like we used to. A year and a half later, this is the way we are every day. We now sleep with our clothes off, we hold each other through the night… I had to slowly introduce that as well. One morning, before he went to work, he was in the shower and I walked in there and got in. He said, “what are you doing? And then he laughed.. He said, “I can’t do this in the morning,” I laughed and said “I’m just here for kisses and to wash your back.” The texts I got from him that day were so hot. Then when he got home I could tell by the way he kissed me that he had thought of me all day.

      Be your own romance novel! I did ask him questions like “how do you like to be kissed?” One day he did tell me, “don’t leave your tongue in my mouth too long.” That was a weird comment to me, but I didn’t let it offend me. He apparently doesn’t like a lot of that and never felt safe telling me.

      So, you could approach him with fresh breath and chapstick lips the flavor he likes and straddle him on the couch, pull him into you and say “show me how you want to be kissed”… if he pulls away, then laugh and say “fine, I’ll show you the way I want to be kissed.” Don’t take no for an answer and give him the best show you can. Game changer!!!

      1. Coincidentally my name is also Anthonia nd I love ur write up so much in which u experienced wit ur man nd from ur write up I can feel emotions that are related to mine nd wuld love to recreate all that with my Man. We’ve really been behind in our romance life but I want to rekindle it bcs I love that feeling so much😍💋I Love “LOVE”

    3. My boyfriend is the same way. I think kissing is really making love to him with my lips. It’s never been that way but I like to dream lol.

  5. This is one of the best posts in a long time, however, all that you (relrules.com), can also be advice for men too, as well as women, or at people of least mixed sexualities!
    It would be nice to see some posts for mixed sexualities as you don’t see that, that often in other posts from yourselves or other people’s advice.

  6. That’s the ine thing my husband and I have never lacked. Before my daughter was born we would slam not hard say push each other against a wall the one doing the pushing holds the other person hands over their head. It doesn’t need to lead to sex all because you have to have the strength in your mind to stop no matter how hard it is. You can focus on picking the pictures off the floor and the lamp on the table😂😂😂😂 Biting the persons lip of course don’t make them bleed is a good one this article lacks experience 😂😂😂If anyone wants a detailed video message me 😂😂😂😂😂and for the people that made this article my suggestion watch 50 Shades of Grey and then use it on your partner then rewrite the article 😂😂😂

  7. Lady’s, My experience around the world, well I just want a guy who is a Friend that Loves kissing, but not being buried in it. Soft and slow, and You no it’s right at the amount of gentle passion. You feel it growing in the warm spots of Our body’s. Not the passion of I’m going to lay this guy, but a kiss that leads to a feeling of trust, that You know it’s right.

    What’s really great is You get experience kissing, and it helps develop a sweet everlasting feeling. Kissing a guy all over the place, well that’s Your decision, and You know when it feels right. I think a lot of US can look at a guy and already know, that he’s the one and You kinda stare at his lips and look into his eyes, and say, “Yep, this guy is getting to first base”😏❣️

    1. Love this post. I love kissing a guy. It’s something for the both of you to get lost in and know that he is the one staring at his lips and looking into his eyes

  8. Even if they’re shy…you can start the ball rolling – hug and kiss on the cheek for starters…the neck, then move up to the lips, gently and slowly! It’s an amazing feeling! 😘❤️

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