6 Ways To Win The Heart Of An Independent Woman

Contrary to popular belief in men, independent women are not hard to win over. They are just not your typical cute-pink-dress girl-next-door. She is different and that is exactly what makes her a lot more exciting to explore and win over.

Being an independent woman, I can tell you a few misconceptions about us. No, we will not fight over the bill, for it to be divided, always. We actually like men who can take us out on a date, take care of us but, at times, when we really want to pay for the both of us, somewhere, let us, once in a while.

We will not discourage you, if you go on and act a bit controlling, from time to time. Sometimes, we do need that kind of control in our life. Someone who can take over the wheels for a while, while we relax.
We certainly don’t mind being at home making a nice home cooked dinner for you, if we feel that’s what you really want. In fact, if you really try and explain us the logic of what you want us to do, we might just do it without being stubborn, which again is a baseless perception about us.

We are just different and let’s just say that you can win us over like any other girl, it’s just that the route to our hearts includes a small detour. Embrace it, and you’ve gotten us hooked!

1. Listen and let yourself be heard

Can not deny that independent women like to be heard and given importance to. Actually, every girl does but independent women, a little more. So make it a point that you hear her out and she doesn’t feel neglected. Also, make your point as well. Independent women respect people who stand by their words and speak their mind. Trust me, if you put up an equally strong case, they will take your words positively and listen to you.

2. Acknowledge their independency but show you are dependable

Women eventually become independent because they have either suffered themselves or have seen someone close to them suffer. As a shield, they unconsciously become more and more independent. The key to their heart is that you acknowledge that they are fine without you but show through your efforts and actions that they are actually a lot happier with you.

Waiting for them at the dinner table or getting some of their work done for them, just shows how much you can become a part of the independency that they value so much.

3. Don’t hide your uniqueness

Be confident of your creative side, your absurd thoughts and theories. They will value and respect you for the courage you hold to be yourself. Remember, before they fall for you or want you in their lives they want to be able to respect you, which is a special trait of an independent woman.

Since independent women hold the courage to stand on their own, even after being known as the weaker sex, they certainly don’t expect you to mould yourself into someone common. This will make them feel like they could have been with anyone else.

4. Be creative

Be creative in absolutely everything. They like surprises, so spontaneous plans could be a good idea only if you are sure that they don’t have any other plans for that day. Being creative with expressing your love is always a great idea to make them feel wanted and to also make them feel that they are in a unique relationship with a unique person.

Be creative in bed, they aren’t the kind who will shoot down ideas without trying them. Keep the chemistry going and keep on introducing new things and experiences to your intimacy.

5. Do not let them feel taken for granted

The moment you do, they will leave because that is a direct taunt to their state of independency. They will never put up with someone who will constantly ask for compromises from them while not making many of his own. They will soon see they were better off without you and will not hesitate in leaving before giving it a second thought.

6. Don’t try and change them

You don’t want them to feel like you don’t appreciate them the way they are. Change, unless the thought is coming from their own heart and mind, is rare. They will not feel valued and that is the exact same kind of feeling that made them work on their independency at the first place. So, don’t change them, embrace them!

Talk to me

Guys, have you been with an independent woman? Share your relationship with me in the comments below. And as always, stay blessed and keep the love alive!

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