6 Ways You Can Initiate Sex That Your Man Is Going To Love

You shouldn’t deny the fact that sex is such an important aspect of any modern relationship. The reason that it’s so important is because it is the pinnacle of physical intimacy; it’s the closest that two people could ever get to one another on a physical level. And if you don’t manage to meet your partner’s needs and expectations sexually, then it’s highly likely that that would deal a huge blow to your relationship. Of course, sex shouldn’t be EVERYTHING in a relationship. It’s just one of the many variables that go into what makes a relationship work. And if you fail to recognize it’s importance in your relationship,

then you are putting your own love and romance in jeopardy. You always need to be able to understand that passion and sensuality are pillars in a healthy and happy relationship. And you always need to be doing your part in making sure that you have all bases covered when it comes to your love. Yes, sex isn’t everything. But that doesn’t mean that sex is nothing either. You should always be making an effort to spice things up in your love life; you should always be doing your part in keeping that passion alive between the two of you. And sex has a lot to do with sustaining passion and intimacy in a relationship.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that your guy is just going to eventually get bored of having sex with you just because he wants to find other partners. A lot of girls think that men just always want to have multiple sexual partners. And it’s not that. Yes, men can get bored from having sex with you; but it’s not because it’s you he’s having sex with. It’s only probably because you keep on trying out the same moves over and over again that you’re practically making the process too predictable for him. You can’t do that. Remember that the both of you are going to have certain sexual needs;

and you both need to do whatever it takes to meet those sexual needs to the best of your abilities. And sometimes, that involves mixing things up every once in a while just so your sex life doesn’t become stale or predictable. And if you need some help in that department, then that is precisely what this article is for. You may not always be the most creative at getting your man into the mood; and that’s okay. It takes a lot of hard work to constantly be thinking of new ways to entice him into getting into bed with you. So, no one can really blame you for feeling stumped. But it’s good that you’ve stumbled unto this article.

It shows that you’re still willing to learn. And even if you might not end up using a lot of the stuff listed on here, at least it gives you a place to start. It’s always good that you’re willing to do whatever it takes to make your guy happy – even if it means rummaging through the internet for articles like these. So without much further ado, here are a few things that you can try to get your partner to have sex with you – and he’s sure to love it:

1. Walk into the dining room with nothing but an apron on.

He thought he was getting dinner; but he’s getting something else instead.

2. Slip him a sultry love letter when it’s just the two of you at home.

There’s something so endearing about handwriting a love letter in this modern day and age… this is probably how people in the old days used to sext one another.

3. Send him a NSFW text during the day so that he has something to look forward to when he gets home.

Sometimes, the anticipation and the build-up are key. He might be having a bad day at work; so why don’t you give him something to be excited about?

4. Get into bed with him while wearing nothing.

Get straight to the point. It’s going to leave him feeling shocked and overwhelmed – but in a good way. He won’t necessarily see it coming; and he’s going to love that surprise factor.

5. Wear sexy lingerie before entering the bedroom.

Slip into something a little more classy and revealing before you enter the bedroom. Of course, that isn’t to say that he doesn’t find you attractive in your oversized tees and sweat pants. But maybe you should just up the ante a little bit for him.

6. Give him a nice back massage.

Yes, you might be used to having him and his big strong arms work the knots away in your body. But return the favor. Massage his back and then slowly guide him towards your first sexual position. Take control of the situation and just let him relax for a bit.

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