6 Women Talk About How They Made Their Relationships Work After Cheating

Whenever you get cheated on, it can always feel so devastating and painful. A lot of the time, it can feel like your heart is being ripped right out of your chest. There are so many feelings, thoughts, and emotions that you feel like you need to be making sense of. You wonder about where things might have gone wrong. You think about the many things that could have led to you being where you are right now.

But most importantly, you’re left to wonder what’s in store for you. You don’t know what’s coming next. Is this still a relationship that you can salvage? Is this something that you just need to move on from? Is the relationship that you’re in still worth fighting for? Is it better if you just pick yourself up and walk away?

A lot of the time, it’s better to just walk away. A lot of women would just get up and go once they find out that they’ve been cheated on. And that’s a perfectly normal response to infidelity. There’s a certain kind of betrayal there that is just too difficult to recover from. That’s why a lot of women would just rather end the relationship rather than try.

However, that isn’t to say that all relationships are immediately doomed after cheating. There are plenty of women who were cheated on and still managed to find a way to make their relationships work. Naturally, it wasn’t easy. And if you happen to be in a situation wherein you want to give your relationship a try even after you’ve been cheated on, then you might have a thing or two to learn from these women.

But before we delve deeper into this article, it’s important to note that whatever decision you make should be entirely your own. You can’t have other people make this decision for you. You can’t have other people be calling the shots about what you should be doing with your relationship. Yes, it’s nice to gather perspective from others. But all situations are different. And you’re the one who knows your situation the best.

So, without much further ado, here are 6 women who have shared their experiences with making relationships after getting cheated on.

1.  “It took a whole lot of determination.” – Trish, 49

It definitely wasn’t easy. At the start, I was already ready to quit. But I decided that maybe there was something in this relationship that was still worth fighting for. So, in spite of the trials that lay ahead of me, I chose to keep at it. It wasn’t an easy ride and it definitely isn’t one for the weak. But ultimately, our relationship is in a happy place now. And I’m thankful I didn’t quit.

2. “We couldn’t have done it without therapy.” – Jessica, 34

I just decided that this wasn’t an issue that we would be able to resolve on our own. I knew that we needed outside help but I couldn’t just rely on our friends and family. That’s why I decided that it was best for us to get some therapy. And after a few sessions, I could feel myself just being able to trust him again.

3. “We just really focused on talking things out and communicating more.” – Janelle, 27

It shouldn’t come as a surprise as to how therapeutic communication can be for a relationship. And we just really made it a point to get back to our roots. I laid everything out on the table; even the stuff that I used to just keep quiet about because they made me uncomfortable. And our relationship got stronger because of it.

4. “I just decided to take some time to focus on myself first.” – Belle, 32

I couldn’t deal with him. I hated him. And that’s why I just decided to take time for myself first. I focused on my life. I tried to think about everything that I wanted in this life. And after much soul-searching, I decided that I was ready to give this relationship another try. I just needed to be sure about it.

5. “I had to take a break from him before we could be okay again.” – Natasha, 29

A clean break for both of us. That’s what it took. We had to experience what it would be like to be away from one another. And I think we both realized that in spite of the way things turned out, we still wanted to be together.

6. “I made my needs known to him and I was relentless about it.” – Christine, 28

I demanded more from him. I let my needs known to him. I may have used his infidelity as leverage but I don’t care. He hurt me. And I let him know everything he needed to do to allow me to heal from the wounds that he inflicted on me.

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