6 Zodiac Pairings That Aren’t Built For Forever

Cancer and Aquarius

At first, these two signs might think they can make things work because they can compensate for each other’s differences. But even fairly early on in the relationship, they’re going to understand just how bad of an idea it is for the two of them to be in a relationship at all. These two Zodiac signs just have too many differences. A Cancer is very sensitive and emotional; whereas the Aquarius is very impersonal and intelligent. They will never be able to relate with one another. They are going to find it really hard to connect with each other. They won’t be able to establish any sense of intimacy in the relationship because they can’t find any common ground.

Scorpio and Leo

Sometimes, when two alpha personalities get into a relationship, the clash can be all too real. It can be very difficult for two strong personalities to just get together and find balance. The reason that it can be so difficult is because it’s unlikely for a particular side to give in when things get heated. Both of these signs constantly want to be the dominant one. Both of these signs want to be in full control. They only really differ in their approach to various situations. A Leo tends to be loud, boisterous, charismatic, and they always want to have everyone’s full attention. But a Scorpio tends to be more subtle in the way that they go about establishing control. They are more conniving and they tend to get stuff done from behind the scenes. These two signs just aren’t built to last forever.

Virgo and Sagittarius

The reason this Zodiac pairing would never workout is because they are just far too different. Yes, opposites tend to attract most of the time. However, this is the kind of opposite that just wouldn’t work. And the reason that it wouldn’t work out is because they would just grow to be too frustrated with one another. A Virgo tends to like to stay at home a lot. A Virgo craves for predictability. They always want things to be done a certain way and they don’t like exploring the unknown. And the Sagittarius is a sign that is constantly in search of adventure. They are always trying to put themselves in unknown and unfamiliar situations. They like putting themselves outside of their comfort zone. The stark differences between these two Zodiac signs just makes it hard for them to work.

Pisces and Libra

There is one substantial difference between a Libra and a Pisces; and that’s in how both signs approach looking for a prospective partner. Libras tend to look for someone who exudes strength and confidence; someone who would never be afraid of just calling the shots. They want a partner who can be assertive and resilient. But the, on the other hand, a Pisces is very sensitive and they will want a partner who can make them feel loved and cared for. A Libra tends to get very intense with their passion and a Pisces likes to take things very slowly and deliberately. A Libra is going to look for a partner with lots of strength and charisma; whereas the Pisces will be looking for sensitivity and emotionality. It would just never work between these two signs because of the different things that they look for in a relationship.

Capricorn and Gemini

One likes to follow the rules; and the other likes to break them. The Capricorn is someone who likes to be methodical. They know that there is a proper way to approach the man challenges that life may bring. But the Gemini is one who doesn’t care much about the proper ways of doing things. The Capricorn is very measured and assured. The Gemini is very random and unpredictable. These two Zodiac signs would just clash way too much. They would just be arguing constantly. The  back-and-forth between these two signs would just generate too much drama and conflict to the point that it’s going to kill whatever romance and intimacy they will try to form. This is definitely a Zodiac pairing that just wouldn’t work.

Aries and Scorpio

Both of these Zodiac signs are just way too hotheaded and passionate. There is such a thing as having too much passion in a relationship. And it’s for that reason that these signs would never be able to make it work with one another. They can get too intense to the point that the relationship is going to feel like a lot of work. There will be too much pressure on the both of them in the relationship; and it will make it hard for them to sustain the entire relationship as a whole. That’s why these two Zodiac signs shouldn’t really be taking a chance on one another.

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