7 Annoying Things We All Let Our Partners Get Away With, But Never Our Friends

How many of these things have you let them get away with?

The line between being friends and being lovers can be very blurred a lot of the time. There are plenty of instances wherein casual friendship can gradually evolve into romance. We have all probably encountered scenarios wherein people confuse two casual friends for being in a romantic relationship with one another. That’s normal. Essentially, the main difference between being casual friends and being lovers is the level of physical intimacy. Of course you wouldn’t be having sexual relations with your friends when you’re supposedly in a loving relationship with another person. 

But in addition to that, there are also subtle differences between a platonic relationship and a romantic one. There are just some things that you can let your romantic partner get away with, but you would never forgive your friends for. You would be a little more understanding of your partner’s faults because you share a closer bond to that person. But if casual friends started pulling this kind of behavior with you, you wouldn’t be okay with it at all. Here are some examples of a few things that are okay for our partners to do, but never our friends.

1. They are late to appointments or dates.

You would never forgive a friend for being late to set appointments or dates. You wouldn’t want your friends to be wasting your time whether deliberately or incidentally. Your time is important to you and no one has the right to waste it, right? Well, maybe except your significant other. Sure, it pisses you off whenever your partner makes you wait, but you’re still willing to be patient. 

2. They cancel on you on the last minute.

Last-minute cancellations are the worst. You would probably send hate glares at your friend from far away if he/she ever cancelled on you on the last minute. It’s similar to the previous item. It will turn out to just be a plain waste of your time and effort. However, you would be a little more lenient when it comes to your significant other. You wouldn’t necessarily have the same kind of emotional turmoil if your partner committed this grave sin at your expense. – Continue reading on the next page

3. They borrow some clothes from you and never return it.

Sure, you can let your mates or your girls borrow your clothes from time to time. But you always expect them to return it when they’re not using it anymore. It’s a different story entirely when you’re talking about your significant other. If your girl borrows a favorite shirt of yours to wear on a casual day and she ends up never returning it, then that wouldn’t really bug you too much. 

4. They expect you to always wait for them before watching your favorite shows.

Want to get caught up on the latest episode of Game of Thrones? Are you missing out on what’s happening on Riverdale? Well, that’s too bad. You aren’t allowed to watch those shows until you’re with your partner. You’re going to have to wait. Of course, you wouldn’t wait to watch these shows just for your friends though. You couldn’t care less about how they would feel about you watching these episodes ahead of them.

5. They force you into activities that you’re not particularly interested in.

Not a fan of yoga? Well, she’s going to drag you to that yoga class anyway so you might as well suck it up. Not particularly interested in basketball? Well that’s too bad. He needs a companion to watch the game so you’re just going to have to get interested quickly. That’s the thing with relationships. You are going to have to express an interest in the things that your partner is interested in. But if your casual friend is into something, you don’t have to feel so obliged to express an interest in it as well. 

6. They want you to go get along with their families.

Of course. Family is always going to be an important aspect of your partner’s life. That’s why it would make sense for your partner to want you to get along with his/her family. Certainly, you will have to oblige in this to ensure the success of your relationship. However, when it comes to friends, you really don’t invest yourself into how much the parents of your friends like you. That’s not really of much importance to you at all.

7. They disrupt you from having a proper night’s sleep.

Sleep is sacred. In this day and age wherein we are all scrambling for extra time to get all our work done, we want to get as much sleep as possible to regain our energies. However, this can be difficult when you’re sharing a bed with someone else. Sometimes snoring or excessive moments in the bed can get in the way of you getting your much needed snooze time. But you put up with this inconvenience because of your love for your partner. You wouldn’t necessarily be so forgiving with your friends though. You would have no problem sending them straight to the couch if they disrupted you.

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