7 Behavioral Signs That He Is Really In Love With You

It’s no secret that men and women are very different when it comes to communication habits and emotional expression. Naturally, there are going to be a few exceptions to the rule, but men are typically known to be quite closed off and secretive about how they really feel. And that’s why love can be really confusing sometimes for a lot of females in the world. She wants so desperately to understand how he feels but he isn’t giving her anything to work with… or is he?

There are so many women in the world who make the mistake of thinking that men communicate the same way they do when it comes to love and romance. But that’s rarely ever the case. A man is going to have a tendency to communicate a lot differently. Whereas women typically like to use their words to express their feelings and emotions, men tend to be more of physical and non-verbal communicators.

They mostly communicate their feelings in the way that they act and conduct themselves. That’s why the signs you should be looking for about a man’s feelings for you shouldn’t be in what he says. It should be in what he does in your relationship. If a man exhibits the following behavioral signs whenever he’s with you, then it’s likely that he really is in love with you.

1. He really listens to you and pays attention to you.

You should always be thankful for having a guy who really pays attention to you. If he shows a willingness to listen to you all the time, then that means he doesn’t take you for granted. He wants you to know that you are free to express yourself to him however you want. He always wants you to feel safe to open up about whatever is on your mind and in your heart.

2. He shows a willingness to make sacrifices for you.

A man who shows a willingness to make sacrifices for you is truly a guy who is greatly in love with you. It shows that he genuinely cares about your needs and wants and he’s willing to give up his own needs for the sake of making you happy. It’s that kind of selflessness that gives you a clue as to how much he really does care about you.

3. He allows himself to become vulnerable towards you.

You can tell that he loves you if he allows himself to be completely vulnerable towards you. A man isn’t typically going to allow himself to be weak in front of anyone unless he’s completely comfortable being around them. And that’s why it’s always a good sign when he’s allowing himself to open up to you in ways that he doesn’t with other people.

4. He makes you feel like he’s really proud of you.

You never get the sense that he’s shy or ashamed of the fact that he is with you. Whenever the two of you are out and about, he is always holding your hand and being sweet with you. He makes sure to never hide you. He introduces you to his friends and the other important people in his life. He always wants to make sure that you never feel like he is ashamed of being with you.

5. He really fights for your relationship.

You notice that he is always fighting for your relationship. He doesn’t shy away from putting in the effort for you. You know that even when you’re being the most difficult person in the world, he still stays with you and makes sure that everything is alright. He doesn’t back down from a challenge because he knows that that is what it takes to actually be with you.

6. He doesn’t walk away from arguments with you.

He doesn’t shy away from fights with you. And that’s actually a good sign. It means that he’s invested enough in whatever you have to actually solve whatever issues you might be facing together. If he walks away, that’s a bad sign because that means he doesn’t care whether your issues or problems get fixed or not. If he fights with you in a mature and healthy manner, then that means that you have something strong and healthy going on.

7. He does his best to get your friends and family to like him.

He is always doing whatever it takes to get the people in your life to like him. He knows that the important people in your life are those he really needs to win over. He considers those who are closest to your heart to be important to him as well. He understands the value of having to merge social circles with you if he’s going to have a serious and long-lasting relationship with you in the future.

    1. The thing is it works both ways men and women can be like this and that’s why some good men just get put in the friend category or have been hurt just like women have been
      My fiancé and me have been friends for 8 years before we started dating and we literally talking one day and she said why can’t I find a guy like you and I said why find one when you can have me needles to say we are looking to get married next year so sometimes the person who you really want could have been there all that time

    1. That’s true my dear. Some guys acts like an angel before marriage but afterwards they bring out the real them. God have mercy.

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