7 Blatant Signs That Your Boyfriend Is An Abusive Partner

Say NO to abuse!

People who will have gone through abusive relationships will most likely be people who never figured it out right away. It’s highly likely that in abusive relationships wherein the girl plays the victim, she will try to stick things out in the hopes that things will eventually change. She will try to keep her hopes up in the unlikely event that her abusive relationship turns into a loving one. Sadly though, that is rarely ever the case. The reason why the change that the victims of these abusive relationships wait for just never comes is because their partners are inherently abusive people. 

That’s why you should always be vigilant. You should still try to be somewhat guarded even when you’re already in a relationship with someone. You have to make sure that your heart will not be subject to any sort of manipulation, torture, or abuse at the hands of your partner. You can’t leave yourself being helpless and powerless in the relationship. You still have to be able to stand your ground. You still have to fight for your dignity as a person. Once you spot early signs of having an abusive boyfriend, confront him about it. If he’s unwilling to change, then go ahead and find yourself someone new. There’s just no reason why you should be wasting your time with an abusive man who won’t respect you or give you the love that you actually deserve. 

1. He pressures you through various stages of the relationship.

He is always looking to rush you through the stages of the relationship even when you’re not ready. He wants you to commit yourself wholeheartedly to him even when you’re not too sure of him yet. He will pressure you into bending at his will and he will threaten you if you don’t submit to his wishes. He always wants you to be moving at his pace but he would never adjust to yours. 

2. He is always acting jealous without any justifiable cause.

He is so insecure about the state of your relationship that he’s going to accuse you of being dishonest and unfaithful. He knows that he’s an abuser. In fact, it’s highly likely that he’s being unfaithful to you as well whether through actions or through thoughts. That’s why he suspects you of being unfaithful because he knows he’s guilty of it as well He’s going to try to project his guilt unto you.

3. He tries to control every aspect of your life. 

He doesn’t want you to have any control of anything in the relationship; even when it concerns your own personal life. He wants everything to go a certain way at all times: his way. He is intolerant of your opposing opinions and he never likes it when you disagree with him. He is always looking for you to just bend at his will regardless of how the repercussions will impact your life.  – continue reading on the next page

4. He doesn’t own up to his mistakes.

He’s an immature little boy who wants all of the glory but none of the responsibility. He never owns up to his actions. He will never be accountable to his mistakes. He is always going to look for someone to blame whenever things go wrong and you have to expect that you will be a constant target. He is always going to use you as a scapegoat whenever she comes up short of his expectations.

5. He isolates you from the rest of the world 

He wants you to actually believe that you are a worthless human being who no one cares about. He will want you to think that he is the only man who can save you from your wretched self. That’s why he will try to cut you off from all of your other support groups. He is going to want to make you think that you are alone in this world and that he is all you have in life. 

6. He hurts you with his words and his actions.

Abuse can take its face and shape in various forms. If he harms you in any physical manner, then that is a very serious issue that you shouldn’t be tolerating. Don’t hesitate to get the authorities involved whenever he tries to harm you physically. Abuse can also come in the form of words. If he is constantly demeaning you and making fun of you, then he is also abusing you. He wants to diminish what’s left of your self-worth by insulting you and throwing verbal punches at you. 

7. He lashes out at you whenever things don’t go his way.

He is a spoiled little brat who thinks that the world revolves around him and his needs. Whenever things don’t meet his expectations, you’re going to end up serving as an outlet for his anger. He is going to use you as some sort of emotional punching bag. You shouldn’t have to take that kind of abuse at all especially when his failures aren’t your fault. 

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