7 Changes That Happen When You Fall In Love

Have you ever experienced just looking at your partner and automatically feel like changes are taking place within your body?

You feel your heart begin to race. Your palms start to sweat. Your mood instantly shifts for the better. Isn’t that weird?

Well, it’s not all too out of the ordinary. Actually, the truth is that your body goes through some very significant changes whenever you fall in love. And these changes are usually for the better. Whenever you fall in love, there are certain chemicals that get triggered in your body. Neurochemicals like dopamine and oxytocin can flood your brains. And when that happens, it can drastically affect the way that you perceive and experience pleasure.

Simple activities like hugging, kissing, and even cuddling the person you love can have a dramatic impact on your overall mood and demeanor. Sometimes, merely being around the person you love can drastically reduce the amount of stress in your body – thereby making you feel calmer and more trusting. You can also feel a sense of security and safety thanks to the oxytocin chemical. Your mood can also improve greatly as a result of the trigger of dopamine release.

If you really want to get into the details of it all, here are a few changes that take place whenever you fall in love.

1. Your blood pressure becomes lower.

Love has a way of just taking so much stress and pressure off a person’s shoulders. That’s why it’s no surprise that love can actually help lower a person’s blood pressure. Sometimes, one of the biggest culprits in a person having high blood pressure is stress. But love has a way of easing stresses in a person’s life. Studies have concluded that couples in happy relationships are less likely to have heart complications related to high blood pressure.

2. Your stress levels change (depending on the stage of your relationship).

It might be very stressful when you’re just starting to fall in love with someone for the first time. You are forced to confront and navigate so many feelings that you might be unfamiliar with. But ultimately, if things turn out well, those feelings of worry and anxiety will subside. And they’re eventually going to be replaced with feelings of content, happiness, and security. Research has shown that couples who are happy together are less likely to be stressed as those who are single or in bad relationships.

3. You feel more secure and safer.

Oxytocin is one of the more prominent hormones that get released into the brain whenever someone falls in love. And it’s this kind of hormone that is responsible for making a person feel a sense of calm, peace, serenity, and security. Often, oxytocin gets triggered after someone gets to hug, kiss, or cuddle with the person that they love. That’s why there are certain actions in particular that can trigger a feeling of attachment and endearment towards another person. It’s all because of oxytocin being released in the body.

4. You get those pesky butterflies in your stomach.

You hear it all the time about people who fall in love with books and movies. They say that they get butterflies in their stomach. But what exactly does that mean? Well, all that really means is that you feel like you’re flying. And that is merely the result of cortisol levels that fluctuate in your body whenever you fall in love with someone. It can often make you feel like you’re taking a flight somewhere.

5. You just feel a lot happier.

Dopamine is the happy hormone. And you guessed it right: dopamine is a hormone that gets released into the body whenever someone falls in love. That is also part of why so many people just love being in love so much. It gives them so much happiness.

6. You get some kind of relief from pain.

Love can actually serve as a natural form of pain relief. So, whenever you feel like you’re going through some physical pain. Just look for love instead of reaching for those painkillers. Naturally, love alone won’t be enough to be able to relieve the kind of pain that you would get after something like surgery. But it’s still important to note that love can induce the release of certain chemicals in the body that can make the pain more bearable.

7. You can feel addicted.

It’s no joke when they say that love is a drug. Love has a way of just putting your brain’s pleasure centers on overdrive. It is exactly the same kind of effect that a drug could have on your body. And that’s why love can have a person feel addicted. Because let’s face it: love really is addicting. Everyone just loves to feel loved. But can you really blame them though? Science has also concluded that these addictive properties are heightened in sexually active relationships.

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