7 Clear Signs A Scorpio Woman Is In Love With You

The Scorpio woman can be quite an enigma. She isn’t necessarily the most open Zodiac sign out there. In fact, she’s far from it. A bulk of her allure and attractiveness is a result of her intense mystery. She isn’t always going to make a lot of things about herself known to other people. And in that sense, you might not ever really figure out how she feels about you. And that can be difficult when you’re trying to win her favor. You like her and you want to see if you can take things to a romantic level with her. However, you don’t really know if she feels the same way about you. You’re not sure if she’s going to be receptive to your advances and that scares you. You don’t want to be made a fool out of. And you don’t want to be putting your entire friendship at risk based purely on a whim. You want to know if she’s just as into you as you are with her. However, she doesn’t make that easy for you at all.

Fortunately for you, there are certain signs that you can keep on the lookout to find out if she’s really romantically interested in you or not. You know that a Scorpio can be a very sexually appealing Zodiac sign – and you don’t want to be mistaking that sexual appeal for romantic interest. You want something more with this girl. You want something that is real and serious. You really want to build a strong relationship with this woman. But you want to make sure that she loves you before you try to take things to another level. You want to make sure that you actually have a shot with her before acting on your feelings.

And in order to get a good idea of where she’s at, you just have to pay better attention. Be hyper mindful. Make sure that you are really taking notice of the things that you need to be taking notice of. Make sure that nothing gets by you. If you notice that a lot of the things listed here apply to your Scorpio girl, it’s highly likely that she’s in love with you and it would be safe for you to try to take things to the next level with her.

1. She only ever really pays attention to you.

A Scorpio’s attention span is rarely ever enough to accommodate specific individuals for prolonged periods of time. So, you definitely know that she’s in love with you if she’s giving you so much of her attention even though she has the option to turn to other people for entertainment and engagement. This is a good sign for you to be paying a lot of attention to her as well.

2. She looks into your eyes when you talk to one another.

A Scorpio typically tries to avert her gaze whenever she’s locked in a conversation with someone. This is because she knows that you can always tell a lot about a person by looking deep into her eyes. But she doesn’t care about that with you. She wants you to see her for who she really is. She wants you to know that she’s being sincere and genuine with you.

3. She tells you a lot of very personal things about herself.

Typically, a Scorpio isn’t always going to open up about many intimate aspects of her life; not even to the people, she might love most in this world. However, if she’s slowly opening up to you about things that she would never tell other people, then you know that she sees you as someone special in her eyes. You aren’t just some other guy to her.

4. She makes herself available to you all the time.

She always tries to accommodate you in her life. Whenever you express a desire to spend time with her, she always makes herself available. She never wants you to feel like she’s too busy to ever spend time with you. That’s how you know how important you are to her.

5. She doesn’t ignore your messages.

A Scorpio isn’t typically the type of girl who is constantly on her phone replying to peoples’ messages. That’s why you know that you’re more than just some random guy to her when she always responds to you in a prompt manner.

6. She makes you feel safe about expressing yourself.

She always does her best in making sure that you feel safe in expressing yourself. She’s practically an open receptacle for you. She always gives you the free space to talk about whatever you might want – even the things that would typically make her feel uncomfortable when she’s talking with other people.

7. She gets jealous when you spend time with other girls.

And lastly, if she acts possessive of you, then that’s the biggest telltale sign ever. You know that she loves you when she starts acting all territorial with you.

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