7 Clear Signs He Only Sees You As a Friend

It can be tough when a guy you really like just thinks of you as a friend. Who wants to risk rejection, right? But it’s also frustrating not knowing where you stand. If you’re unsure, here are fifteen unmistakable signs that he sees you as nothing more than a friend. It’s important to recognize these signs to avoid staying in a confusing situation.

1. He talks about other girls in front of you

If you’re not sure if a guy sees you as more than a friend, pay attention to how he talks about other girls when you’re around. If he often mentions other girls, he probably doesn’t see you in a romantic way. He might not realize it, but this is a clear sign that he considers you a friend, not a romantic partner.

2. He’s not interested in hearing about your love life

When a guy is romantically interested in you, he’ll want to know about your love life to see if there’s a chance for romance between you. He’ll ask if you’re dating someone or in a relationship. But if he sees you as a friend, he won’t be curious about your love life. He might listen if you need advice on relationships, but it’s not because he’s looking to be a part of that side of your life.

3. He doesn’t try to impress you with his accomplishments or his possessions

A guy who’s interested in a woman usually tries to impress her with his accomplishments, possessions, character, jokes, or looks. But if he’s completely comfortable around you and doesn’t feel the need to show off, it’s more like he sees you as a friend.

4. He is not eager to chat with you

Another sign is when this guy frequently uses the excuse of being “busy” or gives reasons to end the conversation early. His text messages often consist of short, one-word replies. Also, there is usually a delay between when you text him and when he responds, and sometimes you have to wait a day or two before hearing back. You’ve also noticed that he’s hardly ever online when you are.

5. He doesn’t get jealous when you talk about spending time with other guys

Jealousy is a feeling we get when we’re afraid of losing something or someone important. So, if your guy friend doesn’t seem jealous when you talk about going on dates or hanging out with other guys, it’s because he doesn’t see you romantically. He probably thinks of you as a close friend, and nothing more.

6. He doesn’t get upset with you when you cancel plans at the last minute

When you cancel plans with your friends or family on short notice, they usually don’t mind too much. However, if you do the same with a guy who has feelings for you, he’s more likely to feel upset. That’s because he was looking forward to spending time with you, and canceling can feel like a personal rejection. So, if your guy friend doesn’t get bothered when you cancel plans, or if he’s the one often canceling on you, it suggests that he sees you as nothing more than a friend.

7. He approaches you for dating advice

When a guy likes you romantically, he usually won’t ask for your help with romantic issues. He’ll go to his other friends for advice. But if he seeks your guidance on impressing someone, apologizing to his girlfriend, or choosing a gift, it means he sees you as a friend. However, if he asks for your advice on winning back his ex, he views you as just one of his male friends, not a potential romantic partner.

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