7 Clear Signs Your Instincts Are Telling You That You’re With The Wrong Man

You really need to pay attention to your gut, intuition, subconscious, instincts, or whatever you want to call it. That deep and nagging sensation inside of you that is trying to steer you on the right path in life and in love. Sometimes, you can really get lost in the whirlwind of your own feelings and emotions that you end up forgetting about what it is you want or are looking for. You need to be able to approach relationships with a sound mind and a strong heart. You can’t fall in love so recklessly because you are going to end up getting hurt that way. And everyone knows that the pain that comes with heartache is the worst kind of pain imaginable.

You would never want to bring that kind of pain into your life. You would never want to get hurt in such a manner. That’s why it’s important for you to recognize a bad relationship as early as possible so that you get to minimize the pain that you feel when you break away from it. The less attached you are to a person and a relationship, then the easier it will be for you to detach yourself from a toxic situation. Because the more that you allow yourself to stay in a toxic relationship, the worse it will be for your own well-being in the long run. You always want to excuse yourself from any toxic environment whenever you can – and that includes relationships.

But here’s the trick: sometimes, your own feelings and emotions can cloud your judgment It can be a very exciting time when you’re falling in love. And amidst all of that excitement and exhilaration, you can lose yourself. You lose sight of the things that you want and you forget about how you should be treated in a relationship. You end up blinding yourself to the parts of the relationship that make you unhappy, and you choose to stick with it because you genuinely believe that that is where you need to be. You decide to just block out the voices in your head that are telling you that this is a bad idea.

You decide to drown out your instincts and intuition; the warning signs of the bad times that are in store for you. And that’s not a good thing. You always have to stay on top of the situation. You always need to be mindful of the relationship that you’re in and how it’s impacting you as a human being. You never want to be victimized by your own relationship. And if you continue to turn a blind eye to the reality of things, you risk opening yourself up to getting hurt a lot. And you don’t want that to happen. So always heed the signs. Your instincts are in place for a reason.

They are there to safeguard you from any potential threats to your life and your own well-being. You can’t be deaf to all of the inner voices inside of you that are trying to give you warnings and precautions. But sometimes, you might not know what it is your body is trying to tell you. Here are some very clear signs that your instincts are telling you that you’re with the wrong man.

1. You don’t smile as much as you used to.

You’re sad. You’re broken. You find it hard to smile and be happy. You know that the relationship is causing you a lot of pain and anguish; but you just don’t want to admit it. You’re too stubborn to acknowledge the fact that the relationship isn’t making you happy; it’s making you miserable.

2. You stop doing the things that you typically love to do.

You don’t have the energy to pursue your passions anymore. The relationship is just demanding too much from you that you’ve lost your zeal for life.

3. You have a low sense of self-esteem.

The relationship is killing your confidence. It’s making you feel worse and worse about who you are as a partner and as a human being.

4. You feel so drained and tired all of the time.

You are tired because the relationship is taking a lot out of you even when it should be giving you more energy.

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