7 Common Lies Narcissists Use To Make You Stick Around

If there is one thing that narcissists tend to be really good at, it’s being able to get the people they are victimizing to stay with them; to remain as victims. These victims might already know that things are less ideal in their relationships with the narcissist; but somehow, they continue to stay that way. Narcissists are just inherently skilled at making sure that people stay hooked.

They do it through incessant lying and deception. They are so good at crafting fictional worlds right in front of your eyes for you to believe. They will make you doubt reality in an effort to convince you that things are a lot better than they really are. They are masters at crafting lies to distort your perception of the truth. And that’s why if you’ve heard any of these lies from your partner, you are probably being played. And you have to make sure to keep yourself protected. You never want to be dating a narcissist because you will only end up suffering for it.

1. “I didn’t do that. You’re just acting crazy.”

This is a common lie that a lot of narcissists will employ to make you think that everything you believe is actually wrong. They will want to make you doubt your sanity so that you will end up feeling reliant on them for the real. But the only real truth is this: you are being duped. They are trying to make you think that you’re crazy even though you’re perfectly fine.

2. “You are just as terrible as all of my toxic exes!”

This is a flat-out lie that is designed to do two things. Number one, it’s going to try to plant the idea in your mind that your partner still thinks about their ex from time to time. They are trying to feed into your insecurities so that you don’t feel too safe or secure about your place in the relationship. And number two, they are trying to directly hurt and insult you by putting you on the losing end of a comparison with an ex. This is their way of getting you to exert more effort into the relationship.

3. “I can’t imagine what my life would be like without you in it.”

Now, this can be rather tricky. A person who is perfectly sane, kind, and healthy can say this to you and mean every single word of it. But you should always stay vigilant. Because when a narcissist tells you this, it can be designed to disarm you and catch you off guard. They are saying this to you to make you feel needed. It’s their way of guilting you into staying with them because they want to scare you into thinking that they would crumble without you.

4. “People warned me about getting with you and I probably should have believed them.”

This is a narcissist’s way of making it seem like they are giving you the benefit of the doubt. They are trying to make it come off as if they are making the ultimate sacrifice by letting you into their lives. They want to make it seem like everyone in the world is against you and that they’re the only ones who are willing to give you a chance. But you should know this to be a lie because you know that there are so many people in this world who love you and care about you.

5. “I don’t get why you’re the only one who just doesn’t seem to get me.”

Again, this is a common tactic that a narcissist will use to make it seem like you are the weird one. They will make it seem like you are the odd one for being the only one who can’t understand them. They will try to cast themselves as someone who is loved and adored by all. But the truth is that many other people are just blind to their toxicity and terrible attitude.

6. “Stop being so sensitive all of the time.”

A narcissist will tell you this lie in an attempt to invalidate your feelings. They will try to make you believe that everything that you are feeling is just an overreaction to what is really taking place. They will make it seem like every negative feeling that you have is false; and that you’re essentially just being ungrateful for the great way that they are treating you.

7. “I’m sorry; and I promise that this is the last time.”

The apology can be disarming. You might see the apology as a hope for change. But don’t you dare allow yourself to get lulled into a false sense of security. They might say that they are willing to change and that they’re never going to hurt you again, but the truth is that they’re just saying whatever they can to get you to stick around.

  1. Yes hi I’m living with a narcissist man and my feelings is being violated day by day need more information on how to just say no and leave.

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