7 Common Reasons Women Still Endure Being In Bad Relationships

You’ve probably seen it already a lot of times. You’ve seen those women who are absolutely miserable being in relationships with the men that they’re with. And yet, they do absolutely nothing to help themselves get out from that situation.

They don’t end relationships the way that other women would when faced with such adversity. It’s puzzling why they would endure staying in relationships that they aren’t really forced into in the first place.

But love is a complicated thing and it would be a mistake for you to try and simplify the lives of these people.

There is a myriad of possible reasons as to why someone would stay in a relationship that makes them unhappy. You have to know that you might not always be seeing the whole picture.

You don’t always know the whole story. And that’s why you would always want to try to understand her perspective before you cast judgment on her. Here are the 8 probable reasons why someone would still stay in a relationship that brings her a lot of unhappiness.

1. She is afraid of what life would be like as a single person.

She is deathly afraid of what life would have to be like if she were forced to be a single person. Sometimes, a woman can get so used to being in a relationship so much that she ends up forgetting what life would be like without being in a relationship.

And as a result, she ends up being so afraid of the idea. She has acclimated herself to being with a partner for so long that any other reality frightens her.

2. She is uncomfortable with being left alone.

She might be someone who is just built for living that independent life. Maybe that’s the reason she fell into the relationship in the first place.

She was so desperate to find someone she could hold on to and cling to that she ended up choosing the first person who gave her a shot. Unfortunately, it’s been causing her a lot of unhappiness. However, she might think that her life outside of the relationship was making her unhappy already.

3. She is embarrassed about admitting that her relationship is a failure.

Some women are just going to be filled with so much pride to the point that they will hold on to things that aren’t even meant for them. These are the kinds of women who would stay in long relationships even if it makes them unhappy

They would be too proud to say that they went into a relationship with someone they never should’ve even gone to bed within the first place. Her pride wouldn’t allow her to walk out of that situation.

4. She is financially dependent on her partner.

It might be a sad reality but there are also going to be certain women who are just financially dependent on their partners. They aren’t really going to like the fact that they have to stay in the relationship.

But the circumstances that surround their finances make it difficult for them to have any say in the matter. They feel like they don’t really have a choice in it. They force themselves to stay in relationships because they would be in a lot of financial trouble otherwise.

5. She is afraid that she won’t find herself in a better situation.

And also, there will be some women who will stay in relationships that make them unhappy because they can’t imagine themselves ever being happier with someone else.

They might think that it would be impossible for them to be in better situations or better relationships with other people.  And so, they will stay in these sad relationships because they see it as the best possible course of action.

6. She is blinded by her own love.

She might be a woman who is blinded by her own love. This happens way too often. We fall in love with a person and we often love them too much to the point that we become totally blind to the ways that they hurt us or make us unhappy.

She might just be too in love with him to the point that she doesn’t even realize that she is unhappy because of the relationship. That’s how love can also be destructive to someone.

7. She has the kids to think about.

You might also have to consider that women stay in bad marriages because of their children. They might see themselves as doing their kids a disservice by giving up on their marriages. And so, they will stay in this relationship even though they’re unhappy because they know that it would hurt their children for them to leave.

However, there are studies that prove that staying in an unhappy marriage can do more harm on a child than just going through divorce or separation.

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