7 Early Signs Of A Toxic Relationship Which People Tend To Miss

Have you been in a toxic relationship?

It’s a narrative that seems to happen over and over again in many relationships. A girl meets a guy that she seemingly clicks with. She falls in love with him. Things start to get really hot and heavy. There is a lot of passion, admiration, and dare we say it love in the relationship. And things start to really pick up some steam. And then once all of the fog starts to clear and the rose-colored glasses start to come off in a relationship, she starts to realize that things aren’t going to be so simple and perfect after all. The clich and sappy aspects of the relationship are gone and now she’s left to deal with the imperfect and grimy parts of it. But that’s just the reality of it. Love isn’t perfect. And people who tell you that they are in perfect relationships are either lying to you or they’re lying to themselves. All relationships are going to come with their fair share of hardships and difficulties. It isn’t always going to be a smooth sail. And in a weird way, that’s what makes love worthwhile too. It’s knowing that two people can come together and just use the strength of their love to overcome any obstacles that get thrown their way. So don’t fret if you notice that you’re not in a perfect relationship. No one is. You just have to make sure that you do your best to fight for your love. It’s not going to be difficult, but it’s definitely going to be worth it.

However, there is a big difference between fighting for your imperfect love and just allowing yourself to wallow in the misery of a toxic relationship. When something is broken, you try to fix it. But if it’s a problem that you just aren’t meant to fix, then you need to walk away. That is what a lot of victims in toxic relationships don’t tend to realize at first. They think that it would be selfish and bratty of them to leave a relationship just because things got difficult for them. And while that kind of mindset is admirable, it is also self-destructive. There are just some relationships that are beyond saving because they are inherently toxic. And when that happens, it’s better to just call it quits than to stay and prolong the suffering.

But how do you make that delineation? How do you know when your relationship is just flawed or when it’s really toxic? You don’t want to be known as the person who walked away from a perfectly good love just because the challenges frightened you. But you also don’t want to be the victim of a toxic romance. So what do you do? Well, all you really have to do is keep an eye out for the signs. Fortunately for you, relationship experts have revealed that it’s very easy to spot the signs of a toxic relationship even when you’re just starting to date. So be very vigilant and keep an eye out for these red flags. If a lot of the things that are listed on here are actually present in your relationship, then get out before you start to really invest yourself in it.

1. Your partner is sarcastic without being humorous.

It’s nice when your partner has a great sense of humor that can diffuse tense situations. But it’s bad if your partner seems to blurt out insensitive comments that are designed to hurt you.

2. Your partner fails to exude enthusiasm about the relationship.

It seems like they’re disinterested in putting in the effort to make things work with you. And that’s not something normal in new relationships.

3. Your partner is impatient with you.

Your partner doesn’t want to wait around for you to catch-up. They want you to always be on point every single time. They expect you to be perfect without demanding the same kind of perfection from themselves.

4. Your partner seems to always play the victim in the relationship.

They will try to play the victim as much as possible to guilt you into doing what they want as a form of compensation.

5. Your partner does things without consulting you first.

Your partner is impulsive and selfish. They do things that they want to do regardless of how these actions might make you feel.

6. You find it more comfortable to discuss your relationship problems with your friends than with your partner.

They don’t really give you the free space that you need to discuss how you feel and what you think about the relationship.

7. You have completely given up on all of the original expectations that you had for the relationship in the first place.

If you went into a relationship for specific reasons, and all of those reasons have vanished from plain sight, then why are you still even in the relationship?

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