7 Effective Ways To Get Your Significant Other To Have Sex With You

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Sex is great. But you can’t expect your partner to constantly show enthusiasm for physical intimacy with you if you’re using the same moves over and over again. Remember that good sex always starts with being able to set the mood properly. If you are clumsy and lazy in your approach to initiating sex with your significant other, then you’re already off to a rocky start and you’re going to need to fix that.

Be more creative and be more personal in your approach to propositioning your partner for some sex. Remember that you can’t be treating your significant other as some object of pleasure. You have to be able to treat them with dignity and respect. And at the same time, it would do wonders for your intimacy if you knew how to mix things up a little bit. Be more methodical and more sensitive in your invitations for sex, and you’ll see that your partner will respond more enthusiastically to it.

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Here are 7 effective ways to get your significant other to have sex with you.

1. Make sure to take note of techniques that have worked before.

Don’t be lackadaisical. There’s no point in fixing something that isn’t broke. If the techniques or moves that you have used in the past still work for you now, then there’s no point in changing it. In fact, keep a mental note of all the initiations and approaches that you used on your partner before and make sure to incorporate them into your usual rotations.

2. Preface your sexual invitation with a sincere compliment.

One of the most effective ways to get your partner into a particularly sexual mood is to compliment them about their looks or their sensuous personality. And you really have to mean what they say. Your partner will be able to tell if you’re just patronizing them or lying to them just to get them in bed with you. Be sincere when you throw a compliment their way.

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3. Get your partner in the mood by helping them to relax.

Get them to relax first. It can be very difficult to get someone to become enthusiastic about sex if they’re feeling very tense or stressed out. Perhaps what you can do is offer to give them a simple back rub or foot massage. Once they are starting to feel relaxed, then you can put your moves on them.

4. Don’t be afraid to make use of teasers.

The thrill of the chase is always a good idea. Make your partner want you more by being more of a tease. For example, you could send them a naughty picture of yourself while you’re both away from one another. You could remind them of what’s in store for them at night and let all the magic of the anticipation do its work.

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5. Tug on your partner’s heartstrings with sentimentality.

Be sentimental with your approach in initiating sex. For instance, you could try to bring up a very sentimental and romantic memory of the both of you doing it while on vacation a few years back. This will stir up some very strong feelings and emotions in your partner that will make them even more enthusiastic about having sex with you.

6. Let your passion pour forth.

Sometimes, all it takes to get your partner enthusiastic about having sex with you is by just allowing yourself to let your passion pour forth. Let them see just how passionate you are about being with them, and it is bound to arouse the passion within them as well. A few passionate words and kisses might be more than enough to get them into the mood.

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7. Have fun with it and show enthusiasm yourself.

Be playful and have fun with it. Don’t treat sex like some sort of chore that you have to do. Treat it as an adventure and just let the playfulness of your inner child come out. Sex is always the best when you’re both just able to let loose with one another.

At the end of the day, sex doesn’t always have to be so complicated especially when you’re in a relationship that is already built on mutual love, trust, commitment, and respect. In this case, sex is just a bonus but a valuable bonus nonetheless. Never underestimate the value of sex in a relationship and its ability to further build on the intimacy and passion that you already have for one another.

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Sex isn’t something that has to feel forced in a romance. It should always come almost naturally and organically. It is a direct manifestation of the love and attraction that you feel for one another. It’s something that you should be able to embrace as a couple and it isn’t something that you should be taking for granted. A healthy and happy relationship should always be supplemented by a vibrant and colorful sex life.