7 Examples Of Text Messages A Narcissist Sends

Narcissists change with the times, and that’s why some of them are always looking for new people on dating websites. Talking to someone like this can be a wild ride, with really good times that might make you think you’re in love, but also really bad times that make you doubt yourself. For a narcissist who’s always self-centered, texting is a way to trap people and make them do what they want.

Are you texting someone you think might be a narcissist? Let’s see – If the guy you’re texting is sending these types of messages, he might be a narcissist.

1. “I think you’re my soulmate”

If you’ve only been talking to someone you might like for a few days, and they suddenly start saying they’re head over heels in love with you, that’s a big warning sign. Real feelings usually take time to grow, and they can’t just appear after a week of chatting. While some folks might feel strongly sooner than others, rushing things like this won’t lead to genuine emotions.

2. “I want to be the only person you talk to”

Narcissists don’t hold back when they try to take control of the people they target. In simple terms, they act like mean bullies who want to show everyone that they own the person they’re after and don’t want to share. Also, to make people fall for their tricks, they’ll say nice things and rush to make the relationship official quickly to keep others away.

3. “I’d never cheat on you”

In this situation, a narcissistic person will try to set things up and make their texting friend think they’re not like anyone else. They’ll try to make people trust them completely and believe they’d never do anything to hurt them. But in reality, they might not be honest and could be hiding their real intentions.

4. “You have trust issues”

When someone they’re texting asks too many questions, a narcissist often uses a common tactic. Instead of being truthful and addressing the concerns, they become defensive and try to change the subject. They’ll act like they’re the ones being treated unfairly, which can be quite surprising!

5. “Don’t wear that dress, it makes you look fat”

It’s important to remember that these manipulative people won’t miss a chance to make you feel bad. They’ll go to great lengths to make you doubt yourself and feel weak. To them, there’s no limit to how mean or hurtful they can be with their words and actions.

6. “You’re a bad person”

These manipulative people are really good at twisting the story! Because they have big egos and don’t care about how others feel, they can’t admit when they hurt someone. They actually enjoy making the people they target feel bad. It’s clear they enjoy playing with our feelings and not telling the truth.

7. “You’d be nothing without me”

An experienced narcissist might say this when they think they’re losing control over their victim. To stay in control, they might try to scare their victim by saying things like they’re too weak to handle life without them.

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