7 Feelings Couples Experience In a Successful Relationship

Happy couples not only share a physical bond but they experience most amazing feelings with their partners. When you are in a healthy relationship with your spouse you share an emotional bonding with them at all times. Your partner, the one you’re meant to be with, should value you as a person. If you are in a healthy and loving relation with your partner you will feel as if you are on top of this world.

Being in love is a wonderful feeling but being in a healthy and successful relationship is even more beautiful. Here are some of the most amazing feelings that one experiences while in a healthy and successful relation:

7. Feeling Secure:

Successful relation always gives you a feeling of security. You are not worried that your relation can end up due to petty issues. You and your partner both have faith in each other. In a successful relation you experience this feeling of security that your partner will always support you and stand by you in difficult times.

6. Hopefulness:

When you are in a flourishing relation with your partner you always have an optimistic and hopeful feeling. You cannot imagine your life without your loved one. With this positive feeling you plan your kids, future, new home with your spouse. You know that they will be there, with you, always.

5. Passion:

Passion is the essence of a successful relationship. You always feel passionate about your partner. You adore them and this passion is everlasting.

4. Feeling Safe:

Your loved one is there to give you a feeling of security. In their presence you feel more secure and you know they are there to protect you from any possible harm.

In a healthy relationship you will never feel afraid of your partner. It’s normal that you are worried that your partner will be angry about something you have done, but at the end of the day you know you will be forgiven and loved again by your partner.

3. Comfort:

Successful relations give you a feeling of comfort. When you are comfortable with your partner you don’t really need any third person. You both enjoy each others’ company and feel comfortable with each other. You should feel comfortable to talk about or discuss any issue with your partner.

2. Feeling Encouraged:

An ideal partner will always encourage you in all your endeavours. Your partner should support you in anything you want to do and achieve. They assist you in achieving your goals and dreams. You will always have a feeling of determination with the encouragement of your partner.

1. Thankfulness:

It’s a blessing to find someone whose is ˜just the right person’ for you. Healthy couples always share their feeling of thankfulness with their partner. Tell your partner how thankful and happy you are to have them in your life. Show your love and feelings of gratitude by little gestures; a kiss, a flower, a gift etc.

Tell Us Your Experience:

It’s an amazing feeling to be in a successful relationship with the person you love. Do you enjoy the same feelings in your relationship?

Contribute to our list of positive feelings of healthy relations with your experiences.

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