7 Female Body Parts That All Men Want To Stay Untouched

Ladies, you do not need to put yourself through the hassles, stresses, and dangers of plastic surgery when you know that he likes your body just the way it’s built. You have got to get rid of the mindset that you need to change how you look to get a guy to like you.

Any man who forces you to change how you look is a man who isn’t worth loving. Besides, all of the quality men in the world are lovers of the human body and the way it is designed. There are so many women all over the world who have suffered catastrophic health damage because of botched plastic surgeries.

You don’t have to risk it to get something resized or reshaped. Men LOVE your body the way that it is. And if you want further convincing on the matter, this article is perfect for you. A pool of men has been recently questioned on their favorite female body parts and why. If this won’t be enough to turn you off to the idea of plastic surgery, then we don’t know what will.

1. Your hair.

Hair. It’s probably the one body part that most men are immediately attracted to when they see a girl. And the great thing about hair is that how you wear it can say a lot about the kind of person you are. Whether you want to be adventurous with it or keep it safe and natural, it’s still a beautiful body part.

2. Your eyes.

There’s a reason why the yes are called the windows to the soul. A man can tell a lot about who you are and how you feel about him just by looking deeply into your eyes. So don’t be afraid of flashing those cute and gorgeous eyes at him. Give him a window into your soul.

3. Your skin.

There’s just something so attractive about a woman who can be confident in her skin. You shouldn’t be trying to hide your skin with fake spray tans and too much makeup. A lot of guys are going to love honest and natural beauty. You shouldn’t feel so compelled to manipulate how you look for him.

4. Your neck.

Ever wonder why so many guys like to go for the neck whenever they’re passionately kissing you? There’s just something inherently sexy and sensual about a girl’s neck in a man’s mind.

5. Your belly button.

We all have belly buttons. And as long as you can keep yours clean, it should never serve as a source of your insecurities. You shouldn’t be ashamed of having a belly button. So go ahead and wear that crop top or that bikini if you want. There’s no shame in doing so at all.

6. Your breasts.

Of course. The breasts. The female body part has the real power to drive a lot of men crazy. And don’t get the mistake of thinking that men aren’t going to be attracted to your breasts just because they’re small. Some men prefer small breasts to big ones. But at the end of the day, a breast is a breast – and a man isn’t going to be picky with one.

7. Your legs.

Legs. Men love them. You don’t have to feel like you must do much work on them, whether thick or thin. Whether they’re short or long. Whether they’re big or small. There’s just something about a woman’s legs that can drive a man crazy. So don’t be afraid to flaunt those legs with skinny jeans or short shorts.


The point of this article is simple. Love should never be purely about how you look. Yes, physical attraction is key at first, but it’s never something that you can build your relationship on. You must always be able to rely on having a strong character and a pleasing personality. As cliché as it sounds, it’s really about what’s on the inside that counts. It’s about how you conduct yourself and a person and live your life.

You could be the most good-looking girl on the planet, but if you have a crappy personality, no guy will ever fall in love with you. You need to stop concerning yourself with being pretty for men; you need to focus on being a better woman overall. Because at the end of the day, a man might become interested in you for how you look, but he’s only going to fall in love with you for who you are.

    1. I hate to be this kinda guy but this has happened to me to meny times not to say anything about it that you women have it easier in one area that is no matter if y’all are skinny with large breast or a big beautiful woman or even disabled as I seen someone comment on here once you find you man your good most of the time he will take care of the work if you wanna be a mom raising kids but if its reverse it the guy is disabled how meny of you women would honestly date him seriously until ya’ll would wanna move in together if he took care of house chores and cooking you just had too go to work

      1. My fiance past away almost a year ago suddenly it was love at first sight for both of us. He moved in the day after we met asked each other to marry. He was missing his left leg from just under his knee and half his right foot i never one second looked at him differently i got up went to work everyday came home cooked dinner in the evening he did whatever he needed or wanted to when i worked and we made love everynight. So i hope this answers your doubts about how a woman would react

        1. It’s funny because we share one thing in common : the love at 1st sight and even though a year has gone by , not a day goes by without me thinking and praying for him because I haven’t seen him . Love at 1st sight does happen and ours got tested but I believe it’s only for the best. Anytime I think of him , my heart skips a beat bc He’s my soulmate. We might not agree on some things such eating habits 😂 but what couple doesn’t have small issues ? Everything is about compromises, learning about what works best for us and so I can’t wait until the next time we see each other again

      2. I personally have never had a man take care of me financially. I’ve always been the one spending money. So what are you on about?

  1. ALL the above PLUS….
    Your voice.
    Feminine (very, but natural)
    From Soft and Southern
    To Mid-Western
    Her voice that can awaken me “from the Dead”, in good spirits…

    1. I’m from Texas and always thought my voice made me seem unintelligent. My passion is music so I hosted a public radio program as a volunteer. I had so many compliments on my voice from my male colleagues at work. I had no idea a woman’s voice could be so impactful.

      1. A woman’s voice can turn a man on more than her body alone.

        Have you ever heard the song Gillian Anderson did with Hal in the 90’s called Extremis? Fair dinkum, the first time I heard it I virtually exploded in my pants from her sexy voice (even though she is also physically beautiful too).

  2. I have already had this lesson in life recently, and it has led me to finding my true soulmate. The last 7months have been the best of my life!! I’m engaged too! And, hopefully, a baby will be on the way. We hope and pray everyday. So yes ladies, stop trying to be what you see on TV and in magazines. Be yourself. Love yourself. And it will happen for you, as it has for me. And one more thing; if you’re chronically ill and/or disabled, don’t let that put you off. ‘Cause I am. And I still found my very own Prince Charming. 😌

  3. I know this article to be the absolute truth! I’m in a new relationship at the age of 65. My Man loves all of the above about me. My waist long brown hair, brown eyes, my face (skin) with or without make-up, ( Even when my eczema flares), my legs and small breasts!! The two things I do know:
    (1) Men are attracted to different types of women. Some like small breasts, others prefer large; long hair or short hair (blonde, red, brunette, or white- gray); a small or larger sized woman; etc. (2) There is a man for every type of woman no matter what age you are!!

  4. I know this article to be the absolute truth! I’m in a new relationship at the age of 65. My Man loves all of the above. The three things I do know:
    (1) Men are attracted to different types of women. (2) There is a man for every type of woman no matter what age you are!!
    (3) A Man wants and needs you to SHOW HOW MUCH YOU WANT HIM!

  5. It took me 44 years to accept these facts!
    I have been told this off the men in my relationships however 3 years ago I met the man that changed my life
    He was constantly reassuring me that he loved every single part of me all of her horrible parts that I picked out and hated he loved even more I thought he was saying it to flatter me and to make myself feel better and turned on because I was a woman but no I did you do it every single part of me and still does and it wasn’t until this day that I find out except that I’m still not comfortable in my own skin but I’m comfortable in knowing that he loves me for every part of me I love him for that

  6. Loved your article. I myself love everything about a woman. Women are absolutely wonderful. And I find it interesting how certain parts of a woman’s body can turn me on !!!!

  7. I personally didn’t like my legs, they are small and curved as though I have rickets. I rarely wore tight jeans or leggings, short skirts and dresses because of that. But surprisingly, my husband fell in love with my legs, I thought it was a joke but he insisted on it. And trust me, right about now, I am a very confident woman for what I am.

  8. I did married 33years my husband got sick 23 yrs I made the money.His worth wasn’t just his money I loved him for all of who he was . Wouldn’t changed a thing never put one thought or wanted to be seen as the money maker we were a team what ever it took

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