7 Girls Reveal What They Really Think When Another Woman Flirts With Their Man

Jealousy. It’s something that doesn’t really go away in any kind of romantic relationship. It’s normal. If you are truly in love with your partner and if you’re invested in your relationship, it’s natural for you to feel somewhat territorial and protective of that.

That’s why it can be very normal for you to feel some pangs of jealousy whenever you see any potential threats that might mess your entire relationship up. Every one of us can get a little jealous every once in a while.

But in a healthy relationship, you always have to make sure that you manage your jealousy to the point that it actually doesn’t add to the toxicity of your love.

Yes, you want to make sure that no one ever crosses the line with your man but you should still be able to encourage them to have their own female friends and acquaintances as well.

You might think that a lot of girls out there won’t be too happy whenever they find out that another woman is putting the moves on their man.

As a woman, you would always want to be protective of your man, right? But not all women are going to be like you. In fact, you might be shocked to discover how other women are going to react to the idea of their men being flirted with.

Here are a few real-life confessions from real women on what went through their minds when they saw other women flirting with their men.

1. Aubrey, 35

My husband is so incredibly hot. It’s one of the reasons why I became so attracted to him in the first place. He’s so attractive and he doesn’t even know it.

And his obliviousness of how attractive he is happens to be one of the most attractive things about him. It just makes him really hot.

And I happen to like it when other women flirt with him. It lets me know that I have a great guy with me. It’s a sense of validation and pride. It really turns me on to know that I have a man who is coveted.

2. Victoria, 29

Whenever someone flirts with my man, it always gives him some kind of a confidence boost. His self-esteem gets to an all-time high. Whenever another girl flirts with him, he is reminded of how sexy he is.

And whenever he gets a confidence boost, I’m the one who gets to reap all of the benefits. I am confident that he would never cheat with me. He always channels his confidence and his sexual energy towards me. He gets his confidence boosted and I get amazing sex.

3. Rebecca, 27

Honestly, I find it really funny whenever someone flirts with my man. It’s almost too funny to the point that it’s almost sad too. I know that they never have a shot with him.

I know that they don’t stand a chance with him. And it’s really sad how hard they try. But I know that he’s always going to stay loyal to me. And it makes me really happy to know that I have a man who is always going to be loyal to me.

4. Heidi, 31

I honestly don’t feel threatened whenever someone flirts with my man. I don’t feel any jealousy at all. In fact, I secretly love it whenever someone happens to flirt with my man. It makes me feel validated.

It reminds me of how amazingly attractive my man is. It reminds me that I did a good job in landing a man that looks like him. And the best part of it all is that I know that he’s always going to stay faithful to me until the very end.

5. Riza, 40

You know that feeling of pride you get as a little kid when you bring a toy to school that all the other kids get jealous of? That’s the kind of pride I feel whenever I see other women flirt with my man.

I know that I have a guy that other girls could only dream of having. It reminds me that I’m so blessed to have a hunk at my side.

6. Charmaine, 28

I don’t really have a problem with women who flirt with my man if they don’t know that he’s married. It’s an innocent mistake that practically anyone could make.

However, don’t expect me to stay so calm to see other women flirting with my men even when they know that he’s married. In particular, when they know that he’s married to me. That’s something I would never tolerate.

7. Jo, 24

There’s a barista at the coffee shop that my husband goes to who keeps flirting with him. I’ve been hitting the gym lately and I’ve been training hard. If push comes to shove, I won’t be afraid to fight for my man. I’m prepared for it.

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