7 Gross Facts About Women That They Try To Hide From Their Partners

Women are such amazing and beautiful creatures. They have a certain sense of grace and elegance about them that sets them apart from men. However, even though women can be incredibly beautiful, they are still just only human. That means that they are still prone to having certain imperfections and flaws. That means that they can still be really gross sometimes.

The truth is that women do a lot of really gross things that they would never want other people to know about or be aware of, especially the guys that they are most attracted to. As much as possible, when a woman grows attracted to a guy, she is going to want to try to keep these things hidden from him. She does this because she knows that he might have a different opinion of her if he ever found these things out about her.

But it’s normal behavior. At the end of the day, if a guy truly loves a woman, he is going to be able to browse over these little things. This is all perfectly normal anyway. Here are a few things that a woman is going to want to hide from men:

1. Unwashed Bras

Bras can get really pricey. And sometimes, a woman can get so busy to the point that she won’t get a chance to do her laundry. That means that she is prone to just using her bra over and over again until she gets a chance to have another laundry day.

2. Old Razors

She recycles her razors too, you know. She doesn’t always change the razors that she uses to shave her legs or her armpits. She occasionally recycles them. It can get pretty expensive having to buy a new razor all of the time. It’s not easy being a woman.

3. Picking Noses

Everyone picks their nose. She isn’t going to be any different. She’s going to have her fair share of boogers and nasal discharges as well. That’s why it shouldn’t really be a surprise that she occasionally picks her nose. She might never want you to see this, but it’s true that she does.

4. Unshaved Armpits

If you notice that your girl hasn’t really been wearing any sleeveless shirts or tank tops lately, then it’s likely that she’s trying to hide something. She’s probably trying to hide her armpits because she hasn’t gotten a chance to have them shaved or plucked yet. She doesn’t want you to see the bush that’s under her arms.

5. Eating Habits

Don’t buy into the belief that your girl is only ever going to want to eat salads and water. All people are going to want to bite into some delicious steak every once in a while (unless they’re vegan). She is going to want to devour an entire plate of fries, but she knows that it might make you see her differently if she does.

6. Undeodorized Armpits

Sometimes, women can get away without using deodorant for their armpits. Women aren’t typically going to be as sweaty as men, and so they don’t really need antiperspirant as much. But this is something that she isn’t going to want other men to know. She doesn’t want the guy she’s with to know that she doesn’t wear deodorant.

7. Unwashed Hair

It takes a lot of time and effort to wash a girl’s hair. And it’s not necessarily something that she would be willing to go through every day. Sometimes, she is going to head out without washing her hair. And she’s just hoping like hell that the people around her would never notice, especially her men.

At the end of the day, these are all perfectly normal things. No girl should ever be ashamed of these very normal occurrences in the human body. It’s just that they always want to portray themselves as perfect. They will always want their men to believe that they are absolutely flawless. But the truth is that we are all imperfect. And if love is going to be true, then it has to find a way around all of these imperfections.

Sure, no human being is perfect. And that’s why relationships are also going to be imperfect as well. However, just because two people are imperfect doesn’t mean that love can’t be true. Because the reality of the situation is that true love is always going to be imperfect. But that’s part of what makes it magical.


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