7 Signs to look out for in a Guy you shouldn’t date

Let’s say that you like a guy and consider him as potential boyfriend material- what exactly made you think that he’s the one? Do you know him inside out? No one enters a relationship just to have their hearts broken later on. However, there are a lot of relationships which result in that exact thing because people fail to really know the person they’re with. You like a guy. You like the way he looks and even his personality. However, do you pay attention to everything he says? Believe it or not, it’s the tiniest detail which can turn Prince Charming into a frog, the details most people overlook.

Before moving on the signs themself, let’s talk about why people tend to overlook them. The main reason is the fact that people are so in love that they think it wouldn’t matter. They’re wrong. Right now, you’re at the stage where you haven’t officially entered into a relationship yet. Hence, all you can see is the good in the guy. I mean, even you look better than you would have on an average Saturday night. Right now, both of you are being extra careful not to mess this up.

However, there are bound to be some slip ups and if you catch them, then you might just realise the sort of person you’re dealing with. They might be better or they might be worse, but this article is about to tell you some signs to look out for in a guy you shouldn’t date.

1- He’ll criticize you every once in a while:

Some guys joke around a lot and there might be a few jokes you don’t find funny. Especially if they’re regarding you. It is possible that the guy meant no harm, and that is evident from the fact that he apologized as soon as he realized that you didn’t find it funny. If the guy you’re with continued on with the ‘joke’ even when you told him it wasn’t funny, you might have a problem.В  – Continue reading on next page

Your guy constantly tells you to ‘lighten up’ as he meant no harm. Well, if that were true, then shouldn’t he have apologized instead? Even if he meant no harm, he knows you were offended and the rational thing to do would be to apologize and not do it again. Some guys won’t even be so subtle and just blurt it right out. I’m not saying that you don’t have your flaws or that you didn’t look bad in the dress you wore. But, there’s a difference between telling you nicely and being mean about it.

Some guys might even use their honesty as an excuse for their rudeness. That doesn’t apply here since you don’t expect him to lie. You just expect him to not be mean about it.

2- His standards are WAY too high:

Having high standards doesn’t exactly make you a bad person. I’m sure a lot of people have certain expectations about their future boyfriend. Similarly, the guy you’re with had certain expectations too. It doesn’t make him a bad guy, but it would make him one if he tries to implement his ideas of perfect onto you.

This can go either way- he might just be trying to boast up your morale and give your more confidence or he might try to make you alter yourself in ways you aren’t comfortable with. He won’t just come right out with it either. He won’t tell you to go and get a nose job, but he’ll subtly hint at how you don’t compare to a lot of other women. Even if you do catch this and tell him to stop, odds are that he never will. He might stop saying it to you directly, but if he has a perfect girl image in his mind and you aren’t willing to be that person, then he’ll probably go looking elsewhere for her. – Continue reading on next page

3- He’ll try to make you jealous as much as he can:

There are some guys who would make you jealous. However, it’s not like they’ll do it every day. The healthy way to make someone jealous is by doing it rarely or never doing it. If you two like each other then why bother making the other person jealous? Won’t they just realise your worth by themself? Well, if your guy is stuck up, then he’ll try his utmost to turn you into a green eyed monster.

The problem isn’t the fact that other women like him. It’s the fact that he likes all that attention and makes sure that you’re there to notice him getting it. If you’re jealous because people look at him and he doesn’t give it any thought, then that’s not on him. However, if he has to specifically point out how someone else is ‘checking him out’ to you, then you need to think a bit on where you two are headed. He has this huge ego which he likes to build up even more. There is a chance that people aren’t paying him a lot of attention but just to make you mad or just to make you see how amazing he is, he’ll find it necessary to point out.

He wants you to know that he’s the best you can do and that you won’t ever think of leaving him. Leave him now.

4- He’s inconsistent:

No one can go through life all happy-go-lucky. Everyone is bound to have some bad days. The guy you like because of his cheerfulness can’t always be in a good mood. He’s human. But that doesn’t mean that he can be good to you one day and bad another for no reason whatsoever. If you two are in a fight and he isn’t responding to your texts, then that’s normal. He’ll ease up eventually and you two will put it behind you. However, specifically not texting you just to show you how he’s upset over something silly is just not the way to go. There are some guys who think that they can be this way whenever they want. – Continue reading on next page

Taking out his anger on you in a way he knows will affect you shows you just how awful of a person he is. Even if he’s having a bad day at home or at work, he doesn’t get the right to take it all out on you for no reason. You aren’t to blame. Yet, he blames you. The main problem isn’t this! It’s the fact that he’s inconsistent. He’ll be nice to you one day and awful to you the next. For example, after he snaps at you for something stupid, he’ll show up with flowers the next day and tell you how sorry he is. Okay, this is fine ONCE. He apologized for what he did and seems genuinely sorry. He’s human after all.

However, repeating that cycle over and over again is more proof of why you should stay away from this guy.

5- He won’t stop looking at other women:

We’re talking here about a guy who isn’t exactly your boyfriend yet. However, you’re considering him as a potential boyfriend and that’s only because you feel like you two are in that pre-relationship stage, where you like him and he likes you but you aren’t sure yet. Had all of this been one-sided and you weren’t aware of his feelings (if he had any), then him checking out other people wouldn’t have been a big deal. In your current situation, it is a big deal.

Talking to other girls is alright as long as you know what they’re talking about. I’m not telling you to go and search through every single message of his, but to know what they’re saying. For example, that girl is his co-worker, they’re talking about work. Like that.

If you constantly find yourself wondering who that girl is or why he has so many female friends all of a sudden, then you best ask him. Obviously he won’t tell you straight up if he’s playing you and I’m not going to tell you to play Sherlock Holmes and investigate. That’s not the way to go with this. You need to follow your gut feeling about it. Yeah, you might be over thinking. But if that’s the case, then someone close to you would point that out. Instead, they’re the ones telling you it’s best to get away from the guy. – Continue reading on next page

Look, what’s between you two is between you two and you don’t have to share it with anyone else. They know about it and you don’t think that they deserve to know every single detail- that’s your right. However, you should listen to what they have to say. When you’re in love, you view everything as perfect. You won’t find a single flaw in the guy, which is why you’ll overlook certain things. The people in your social circle aren’t in love with him like you are. They look at things a bit more clearly. Hence, they’re able to tell you what’s right and what’s wrong. Sometimes, you’ve got to listen to them.

6- You get a feeling about him:

Like I said, people tend to overlook certain things about their partners or potential partners when they’re in love. Even if you overlook some things, you will eventually find yourself thinking about it at some point later on in the day. You’d wonder why he did that or why he said that. Even if you disregard it, you did get a feeling about it. Never disregard the feeling you get about someone. You might be way off course, but in this case, you have a right to know what’s going on. You need to ask him and clear your doubts about it. No matter what, you need to be 100% sure about the guy before letting him completely into your world. Are there things he won’t talk about? Of course there are! Same as with you. You aren’t giving your all right now either. But by that, I meant that you aren’t revealing your deepest darkest secrets. He knows your personality and you should know his.

Conclusion: You always have to think extra carefully when you’re considering letting someone into your life. Don’t enter a relationship with doubts still floating around in your head. Try to clear them all out before you tell him you love him and want to be with him. Look for these signs. I know you might think there’s nothing wrong with your guy, but if you notice these signs, you might have to rethink that.

Let us know in the comments below whether you’ve ever come across someone you thought was the one but turned out to be completely different than what you expected.

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