7 Habits You Need To Have To Make You A More Charming Person

How many of these habits do you have?

There are just some inherently charming people who seem to make their way through life with absolute ease as far as getting others to like them is concerned. These natural charmers have a way about them that just makes them seem very amiable, approachable, and downright fun to be with. They are seemingly very accommodating and they always manage to make the people around them feel very comfortable and at ease. In fact, these people have a way to use their charm to their advantage; to help them get out of sticky situations that us mere mortals would most definitely be overwhelmed by. It’s true that life is just so much easier for charming people; because it’s so much easier for them to get other people to be nice to them.

You would be amazed at how easy life can be when other people decide to just treat you better than usual. And of course, the ultimate perk of having a charming personality: it’s so much easier to find love. When you are naturally charming, you can get people to fall in love with you. It will be so much simpler for you than the person who has to struggle with being awkward and uncharismatic. It’s hard to think about why these people are the way that they are. We try so hard to be like them, but we can’t seem to grasp the nuances of what it takes to be a genuinely charming person.

Well, fortunately for you, that is precisely what this article is for. If you dream of having that oh so elusive charming lifestyle that you see in other people, then it’s all about practicing good habits every day. In order for you to really build your character, you have to make sure that your life is composed of practicing good habits on a consistent basis. And what are some examples of these good habits to help you become more charismatic and charming? Well, you can read on until the end of this article to find out. Here are 7 habits that you need to have to make you a more charming person:

1. You try your best to make the people around you feel important and appreciated.

One of the best things that you could do to make yourself a more like able person is to make the people around you feel very important. If you actually make a person feel valued and appreciated, they will grow a liking towards you and they will want to be around you a lot. You can do this by listening to them whenever they talk to you and responding accordingly.

2. You make it a point to always remember the names of the people you meet.

Remembering a person’s name can go a long way in making a person like you. It’s why Starbucks always trains its baristas to remember the names and usual orders of their regular customers. It can breed a sense of familiarity and comfort between two people. As difficult as it can be to remember the name of everyone you meet, it’s a great way to come off as a more charming and charismatic person.

3. You consistently deliver sincere and genuine compliments.

Take notice of the good aspects of another person’s personality and point them out. And when you do, make sure that you are being sincere about it. People will definitely know if you are just being fake with your compliments. They will think that you are merely patronizing them and they won’t respond well to that.

4. You smile more than you frown.

Just smile more often. When you smile, you are essentially letting people know that you have a happy disposition and that you are looking to spread positive energy all around. Smiles are also infectious, and so it’s a great way of just building a rapport with the people that you interact with on a consistent basis. When you smile often, people will also brand you to be approachable and receptive.

5. You tell very engaging and relatable anecdotes or stories.

Tell a good story but it always has to be relatable. A lot of people can be turned off by outlandish stories that they can’t relate to. You always have to know your audience. For instance, if you know that you aren’t talking to people who are particularly well-off, maybe you shouldn’t be telling that story about partying on a yacht that one time with a bunch of millionaires.

6. You use your hands whenever you are engaged in a conversation.

Your hands can only make storytelling so much better. It also shows that you are very enthusiastic about the point that you’re trying to make or the message that you’re trying to get across. It can also lead other people to believe that what you have to say is something that’s really important.

7. You never speak ill of other people.

And lastly, just make sure to never speak ill of other people. Gain other peoples’ trust by always making sure that you aren’t one who stabs others in the back. Give other people a real reason to trust you and never doubt you.

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