7 Harsh Truths About Being An Over-Thinker With A Fragile And Loving Heart

While people generally may be of the opinion that people who have very high functioning minds, who are prone to over-thinking enjoy the blessing of having an exceedingly useful mind which proves to be of great help for them with settling on choices and decision and makes up for coherent and sound thinking. However, we tend to ignore the good battles they have to fight with their minds on a daily basis in their lives.

Add that to an honest to goodness and adoring heart, and the troubles these individuals encounter turn out to be much more terrible. They battle with the flooding nervousness that meddles with their primary mental process, yet over everything, they feel vibes of blame and self-question that they just can’t shake or overlook.
Here are 8 harsh truths about the general presence of over-thinkers with delicate and big, loving hearts:

1. An over-thinker wants to be loved truly

It’s the main need for you. You need to feel cherished, regarded and wanted by the general population in your life. This demonstrates your honest and delicate heart could never set for anything less than honest, genuine feelings, be that as it may, it likewise indicates how troublesome it is for you to really put yourself out there since you’re anxious about the possibility that somebody may hurt you. You are terrified to stroll with your heart on the sleeve because if somebody at any point broke it, you wouldn’t have the capacity to survive that torment. In this way, you choose to play safe and remain inside your shell.

2. They will care about another’s opinion more than they should

Regardless of whether it is helpful feedback or not, for an over-thinker what someone else thinks is very hard not to consider and ponder over. You give in your 100% for all that you do, so when a person says something that is not always great, good, perfect or positive, you start to question yourself and your actions although you really shouldn’t ever have to do that. Something over-thinkers fails to realize is that the best way to learn from feedback and constructive criticism is by just accepting it. But being someone who spends way more time chewing over someone else’s opinions, an over-thinker will manage to look for the bad in that opinion.

3. They struggle to live in the present

As an active over-thinker who has very little control over how much their mind is making them think about something, you’re always mulling over the future, what it has in store for you and what the consequences and circumstances of certain situations in the future be like. That’s how you experience life. By pondering the future.
Then again, the past isn’t past for you. Each choice you made is there inside your mind holding up to be activated by your relentless self-questioning. In this way, tragically, your astounding and debilitating musings keep you from doing your best in your present minute.

4. Their reflex action is always to escape

By over-breaking down possible results, you let these hurtful considerations and quandaries to control your life at this present minute. Soon, the silly state of mind turns into a lifestyle and begins to pulverize each important relationship you have.

5. They end up depriving themselves of sleep

Sooner or later, your over-thinking puts a strain so overwhelming on your mind that you neglect your personal health, including your sleep. It’s no big surprise to begin being subjected to an endless cycle of sleep deprivation since it is considered as a typical attribute of each finished scholar. Your mind continues delivering a horde of unreasonable and confounding contemplation that light a mind-boggling, edgy sensation inside your chest.

6. They’re always on the hunt for hidden meaning and ulterior motives

When you live with the battles of being an over-thinker nothing can be translated as arbitrary or whimsical. Each word has a more profound underlying implication that needs to be unraveled and disentangled. Each activity conceals some ulterior thought processes and even motives that need to be examined. What’s more, as indicated by you, they should be uncovered. However, if you could just stop, you’ll understand that endeavoring to translate everybody’s actions and words will just drive you insane.

7. Over-thinkers can come off too strong for some people

They’re the sort of individuals who’ll question you and will require all the extra info regarding why they shouldn’t. In this way, they can truly be a bunch for a few people.

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