What exactly is love? That is a very loaded question that probably all of us are going to ask ourselves at some point in our lives. Throughout the course of human history, many philosophers, scientists, and scholars have been battling with this particular question. Of course, there have been many attempts at trying to define love and all of its complex components. However, in this list is going to be a curated assembly of ideas of what various kinds of love look like – and how distinct they can be from experience to experience.

Of course, we are all unique human beings and we all go through our own personal experiences in a very distinct manner. For the lot of us, love can mean something completely different from one person to the next. And that’s okay. Not one love is better than the other. Love, in its purest form, is always going to be beautiful. And if you’re curious to explore the various ways in which you can love another person, then you can go ahead and read this article. See which kinds of love you have actually experienced for yourself.

Falling in love is a very gradual process. It isn’t necessarily something that happens in one day, over one week, in one month or even a year. It varies from person to person – as has already been established. There really is no set timeline. However, love is always something that should be strengthened because of how dynamic it is in nature. It’s something that can only increase or diminish. Love never stays the same throughout the course of a specific period. That’s why it’s also possible to love a specific person in so many different ways.

1. Infatuation

This is the kind of love that you have for a person that you barely even know. This love is so weak and so fallible that you barely even know it’s there. Usually, this is the kind of love that you have for an IDEA of a person. You are falling in love with the potential of what that person might become in your life. You’re not exactly set in stone just yet, but you know that there might something there worth exploring.

2. Liking

In this kind of love, you know that you have something really special that you can build on. However, you aren’t really out of the woods just yet. Sure, you are pretty much exposed to the best parts of each other’s personality. But you don’t really see the bad parts just yet. And you have to make sure that you keep things real. You can’t blind yourself from the bad parts.

3. Hollow Love

In this kind of love, there is a commitment between the two of you; but there isn’t really any passion or intimacy at all. You feel like you have to stay in the relationship just for the sake of staying in it, but you have no real or genuine interest in getting closer to your partner. You aren’t really motivated to work hard for your relationship at this point because you are indifferent to it.

4. Fatuous Love

In this kind of love, you have a lot of passion for your relationship because you know that you really have something serious going on. You are also very committed to making things work because you don’t want to waste an opportunity at letting this love grow. However, you aren’t very intimate just yet. You are both hesitating somehow. You are trying to hold back a little bit.

5. Romantic Love

In this kind of love, everything can seem so fine and dandy. You are getting the excitement that comes from the passion that you have in your relationship. You are getting a lot of emotional fulfillment because of the level of intimacy between you two. But you don’t really feel safe or secure because of the lack of commitment.

6. Companionship

In a companionship, there is commitment and there is intimacy; but there is really no passion. You are just really close. You happen to like living alongside one another, but you’re not really passionate about it.

7. Consummate Love

And lastly, this is the kind of love that is built to last. This is the kind of love that has a healthy combination of passion, intimacy, and commitment.

8. Final Thoughts

Psychologists are fairly sure that a single person can experience various kinds of love throughout a single lifetime; sometimes even with a single person. Whatever the case, the better you are able to recognize the type of love that you have for the person you’re with at the moment, the better self-awareness you are going to have. And everyone knows just how important self-awareness is in sustaining the love in a relationship. At the end of the day, love alone can only do so much to keep two people together. There are so many other factors that come into play when it comes to the dynamics of a relationship.

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