7 Most common mistakes men make in a relationship

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Ladies, do you agree?

Relationships are tricky especially when they pass beyond the initial dating period where both the partners are at their best behaviours and everything is going in a flow. The part which comes later is where people, mostly men, start tripping over and these are the most common mistakes men tend to make which might put off their woman.

7. Being way too mushy

It’s good when both the partners act as each other’s support system but women do not like it when their man is way too emotionally dependant on them. Emotions are natural, emotions are human but women get annoyed when their man is always looking for comfort when they need some comforting of their own. It’s God’s way that he made women softer by nature, so they need their man to have some solid ground, shelter her, be her rock. Every woman wants a man who is courageous, practical and brave enough to take care of В her as well as himself. Don’t be all over the place. – Continue reading on next page

6. Showering her with way too many presents

This one’s more common at the beginning of the relationship, a man would shower her with all kinds of expensive gifts, fancy dinners etc. This is a mistake because it starts looking like you have nothing of your own personality that could impress her so in order to keep her around you have to compensate with all these gifts. Moreover, you’re setting high expectations so when the relationship proceeds and the process of spending every last penny on her slows down, you’ll hear things like ‘you have changed’ or ‘you don’t love me anymore’. Everybody loves presents but there has to be a balance between them, they should be cherished rather than expected.В – Continue reading on next page

5. Not listening to them

This is the most common complaint coming from women all across the globe that he isn’t attentive to what I say. Men need to understand that women by nature are verbally more expressive and they want to be heard, instead of В just nodding to whatever she says while you’re spaced out. Some women are more talkative as compared to others, if you don’t like talking much then don’t go for a chatty woman hoping to change her eventually. Be attentive.В – Continue reading on next page

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4. Being a pushover

A relationship starts falling apart when one of the partners has the complete control of the relationship. Women secretly dislike men who cannot take an initiative and always look up to them for all their decisions. Woman do not like men who lack a spine, they need to be lead, not always but every once in a while. Women start resenting men who are way too agreeable and would say a yes to anything and everything they say. The power in a relationship needs to be 50-50, don’t be her yes-man.В – Continue reading on next page

3. Being complacent

Having ambitions and a positive driving force is the most attractive quality a man can have. Women believe more in the future, they like a man who has something going on for himself individually and for them as a couple, being stagnant while life passes you by just won’t cut it. Women want their man to be goal-oriented, goals which lead to a better, pleasant future involving both of you. Keep moving, stay motivated.В – Continue reading on next page

2. Changing your priorities

Men give all their attention, time and love to their woman at the beginning of the relationship, making her your number one but as time passes and the relationship becomes older, priorities change. Men start spending more time at work or with friends or at their hobbies etc. They stop doing things they used to do at the beginning of the relationship to win over the same woman. You’re not giving her due importance and take her presence for granted, this negligence can slowly develop problems in the relationship. Giving priority to your relationship is the key to have a satisfied woman.В – Continue reading on next page

1. Letting the relationship drive itself

Men need to understand that a relationship needs to be treated like a living thing, which needs constant efforts to be kept alive. It needs to be fed with love to keep it growing. If you let it drive itself, you’ll find yourself drifting apart from your partner, the relationship starts diminishing till it vanishes completely. Efforts need to be made to keep it healthy and maintained, keep bringing something to the relationship. Romance should never take the back seat.

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