7 Phases Of A Twin Flame Relationship

A twin flame relationship is the one relationship that you know is right for you. The very first moment that you meet that person, you know that you have the potential to be something great

If you are unfamiliar with the concept of a twin flame relationship, then you better start learning more about it. In fact, you might have even had your share of twin flame relationships in the past without even knowing it. It’s all simple, really. A twin flame relationship is the one relationship that you know is right for you. The very first moment that you meet that person, you know that you have the potential to be something great. You immediately feel some kind of spark and a connection is established at the moment you say your first greetings to each other. Another very common term for a twin flame is a soulmate as is more commonly used in pop culture. So what do you do when you encounter your soulmate or twin flame?

Well, at first, you have to know upfront that it’s not going to be set in stone. You still might break up if you’re not careful. But that’s not something you need to be really worrying right now. Remember that you already have an advantage because you are soulmates. It’s all just a matter of playing the cards right.  So what can you expect when you get into a relationship with your soulmate? Well, you can definitely expect things to be magical. But if you want a more comprehensive explanation of what you can expect out of this kind of relationship, then you can read on until the end of this article. Here are the various phases of a twin flame relationship.

1. The initial realization of the existence of a twin flame relationship.

When you first meet, everything just clicks. It’s like fireworks go off inside your brain and you know that things have all fallen into place. You get together with your twin flame and it may not be so obvious to you right away. In fact, it may even take you a while to come to terms with the fact that the concept of twin flames exist. At this phase, you’re going to be absolutely elated. You will feel like there’s nothing that could stop your relationship. It will be a sensation that you’ve never experienced in your life.

2. The start of the testing period for your relationship.

So the honeymoon phase of your relationship is over and all the flash and glamour is gone. So now you’re left to deal with the nitty aspects of your personalities. You will discover some annoyances about your partner that you failed to notice before. The problems of the relationship will start to rear their ugly heads and you and your partner will be forced to deal with them. This is where the both of you will really be forced to confront the parts of your relationship that you’ve been putting off since the start.

3. The first relationship setback.

This is the first major crisis, argument, or setback that you’re going to experience as a couple. This is where you will really start to question the strength of your twin flame relationship. Things are looking bleak and you don’t know what to do about it. You know that you still want to fight for your relationship but you are worried because it has been dealt this major trauma and you don’t know whether you’re both going to make it through.

4. The distance stage.

Somehow, you’ve made it through your first major crisis. But the scars are still there. You are still feeling the effects of that major setback. One or both of you know that there is now a major distance between the two of your souls. One or both of you are trying to navigate yourselves back into each other’s arms. It’s a difficult journey, but you’re both desperate to try and make things work.

5. The merging of two bodies into one.

You have somehow found your way back into each other’s arms. You have overcome your first major crisis. You have healed your wounds and you know that you are finally back to normal. You are back to where you used to be and more. In fact, you are growing even stronger and stronger as a couple.

6. The reinvigoration of the spirit of the relationship.

You start to feel all of the feelings that were present when you first got together. All of the magic and the enchantment of your honeymoon phase has somehow resurfaced. It’s as if your relationship has received a second wind and you’re both pretty thrilled about it. You know that you’re both right where you need to be: with each other.

7. Forever.

And lastly, there’s just forever to go. You have now practically materialized yourself as a single entity. Your twin souls have merged together and only death will be able to separate you. And sometimes, not even then.

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