7 Phrases Cheaters Use When They Get Caught

Cheating in a relationship causes much pain and breaks the trust between partners. When caught, they have to deal with the consequences of their actions, and how they react can vary. Some may feel sorry and admit their mistakes, while others may try to make excuses and get defensive.

It’s a challenging situation for both parties involved, and rebuilding trust takes time and effort from both sides.

Relationship experts emphasize that healing begins when the guilty party owns up to their actions and takes responsibility, but that’s not easy for many people as it takes immense courage to admit that you have cheated on your partner and you are willing to make things right.

Let’s take a closer look at the seven particular things that experts say cheaters commonly turn to when they find themselves caught.

“I Didn’t Do It. It Wasn’t Me”

When cheaters get caught, some of them just deny everything and act like they did nothing wrong. They try to shift the focus away from what they did, but it’s pretty obvious from their actions. Denying won’t help them when there’s evidence. It’s like saying one thing but doing another, and it’s hard to believe their words when their actions tell a different story.

“You’re Out Of Your Mind”

When cheaters are caught, some of them resort to gaslighting their partners. They play mind games, making their partner doubt themselves and what they feel. It’s a sneaky tactic to take the attention off their betrayal and make their partner feel like they’re going crazy. But in reality, it’s just a way for the cheater to avoid taking responsibility for their actions and blame their partner instead.

“We’re Just Good Friends”

When people who cheat are confronted with their actions, some of them try to minimize what they did. They may use deceptive tactics, trying to make it seem less serious than it is. It’s a way for them to hide the truth and avoid taking responsibility for their betrayal. They may act innocent and try to downplay the impact of their actions, but deep down, they know they did something wrong.

“It Just Happened Once”

When cheaters get caught, some of them try to make it seem like their infidelity was just a one-time mistake. They want to downplay what they did and make it look like it won’t happen again. It’s a way for them to avoid facing the consequences of their actions and try to salvage the relationship. But the truth is, it’s often not just a one-time thing, and their partner may find it hard to trust them again.

“It’s Over”

Some people promise to end the affair right away when they get caught. They try to save the relationship by saying they’ve realized their mistake. But rebuilding trust doesn’t happen overnight, and they must show through their actions that they’re genuinely sorry. It’s not just about apologizing but proving they can be trusted again through consistent behavior.

“It Didn’t Mean Anything”

Cheaters might try to justify their actions by claiming their affair didn’t hold any emotional significance and they weren’t serious, but that’s just a plain lie. Even if they were not seriously involved with the other person, they still deceived you. They want to make it seem like a casual fling, but it doesn’t change the fact that it caused a breach of trust.

“I Need Help!”

In some cases, cheaters may try to play the victim card, claiming they had underlying issues that led them to cheat. While they need to seek help and address their problems, it should never be used as an excuse for their betrayal. Taking responsibility for their actions is crucial in rebuilding the relationship from scratch.

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