7 Places To Avoid Going When You’re Trying To Get Over A Breakup

No one can blame you for wanting to reminisce and relive all of the good times. However, you have to know that that’s not necessarily the smartest thing to do when you’re trying to get over a breakup.

When you are trying to get over your ex, it wouldn’t be best for you to keep on looking back on all those happy memories and moments that you’ve shared together. You only ever really want to do that when you know that you’ve fully recovered from your heartbreak and you’ve moved on from your failed relationship.

Of course, you are going to be thankful for those memories and there’s really nothing wrong with appreciation the person you were at the time.

However, when the wounds are still fresh and you haven’t really healed just yet, you shouldn’t be going back to the person who gave you those wounds in the first place. And that includes going back to very specific places that have special meaning and emotional weight to you.

There are just certain spots that you need to avoid going to after a breakup if you are still trying to heal and move on.

Remember that all of your feelings are real and legitimate. Don’t ever think that you’re just overreacting or that you’re being unreasonable with your feelings.

It’s really important for you to come to terms with what you’re feeling so that you can really move on. You can’t just sweep your feelings under a rug in the hopes that they go away. Your feelings are slowly eating away at you even if you aren’t acknowledging them.

Your feelings are only ever going to go away if you actually acknowledge them and come face to face with them. If you keep on going back to the meaningful places that you and your ex used to give so much power to, then you’re only hurting yourself even more. And you’re making it more difficult for you to get over that hump – to move on from your ex.

Of course, it can always be tempting to go back to these special places when you’re feeling nostalgic. You want to be able to reminisce about all the happy feelings that you had in those places because you’re currently not happy with where you are.

You are in a lot of pain and you really miss your ex. You think that by visiting these old places, you’re going to feel a lot better because you are tapping into memories that have long gone. But the truth is that you are causing more harm than you might think. You’re not helping yourself move on at all.

You’re not allowing yourself to let go. You aren’t giving yourself an opportunity to detach yourself from the situation and the relationship entirely. And you shouldn’t be going back to these places until you know that you’ve successfully moved on from the relationship. You must make sure that you’ve healed your wounds.

1. The Place Where You Met

There are so many feelings that can get stirred up whenever you go back to the place where you first met. This is the place that started it all – the relationship you really loved. This is the place that eventually led to you getting your heart broken.

2. The Place You Had Your First Kiss

The first kiss is a big thing. It’s the initial stage of serious physical intimacy between two people. It might be best to avoid going to the place you had your first kiss for now. You are only going to be reminded by the kisses you’re never going to get back ever again.

3. The Place You Celebrated Your First Anniversary

Like issues, anniversaries are a big deal. And any relationship that lasts for more than a year is a serious one that is difficult to recover from.

4. Your Favorite Spot as a Couple

There was always that one spot that you and your partner used to go to whenever you couldn’t decide where to go. You shouldn’t be going to that spot for a while.

5. Jewelry Stores Filled With Happy Couples

You’re not getting an engagement ring any time soon. So why would you want to be surrounded in a room full of people who are looking to take their relationships to the next level?

6. Any Place With That One Friend Who Is In A Loving Relationship

Maybe it’s best for you to distance yourself from people who are in loving relationships themselves. You are still coping with losing your own relationship after all.

7. Any Place Where You Know You Will Run Into Them

You are going to need to establish some space between you and your ex if you really want to get over them. And that means you will want to avoid any places where you KNOW you are going to run into them.

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