7 Powerful Traits You Don’t Realize You Have Because You’re An Empath

Empaths are highly spiritual beings and they absorb everything around them. They have this gut instinct about people and things. They are highly sensitive to emotions and situations. Even a minor offset can trigger them. If you are going through a rough time, an empath will do whatever he can to help you out.

He will try to understand your feelings and emotions. An Empath has the power to evolve and become immune to pain. Actually, Empaths don’t really become completely immune to the pain; they just have this perfect mask that makes them less vulnerable. They can’t run from who they are but they sure can conceal themselves from the society.

However, they don’t achieve this state that easily. People who have become cold-hearted once cared too much.

Here are some habits of highly empathetic people.

1. They have a very powerful Sixth sense

Have you ever met someone who has figured you out after just one or two sittings with you? It’s like they can just relate to whatever you’ve gone through in life. There are many people out there who have been blessed with this ability.

They can even describe your pain and point out the source of that pain. Empaths are blessed with such powerful Intuition. It might be because they have gone through similar experiences in their life.

2. Empaths are highly spiritual

Empaths like to be alone. They don’t like crowded places and being around people makes them nervous because most people in our society talk about materialistic things. They talk about money and cars.

An Empath, on the other hand, doesn’t have such things on his priority list. He is a very spiritual being and he needs his privacy to think about the different aspects of his life. He asks questions from himself about pain and death and hope and topics which have no clear-cut explanation. These topics fascinate him. His mind is delved in finding the purpose of life.

3. Empaths can’t let go of their past

Empaths feel much more than a usual human being. They get severe attacks of depression because their past haunts them. There are scars that have been permanently inscribed in their hearts. Letting go comes hard to them.

Some derogatory remarks might ruin their mood for the entire day. They have no control over their emotions. No matter how much they try to feel numb to someone’s words, they just feel disturbed by them at some level.

4. They are big-hearted and they are more susceptible to get hurt

Empaths are really big-hearted people. They have an inclination to do volunteer work. They never waste an opportunity to help out the community or the people or participate in any kind of social work. If you are in a relationship with an empath, you will notice that he or she does much more than you expect them to. They will care for you and treasure you and you can have one of the best relationships of your life with an empath.

However, some people take empaths for granted and ultimately end up hurting them. This is a great disadvantage for Empaths because, in a world where someone’s nicety is taken for weakness, Empaths find it hard to survive in such an environment. Therefore, they seclude themselves after such experiences and minimize their interactions with people. 

5. Empaths are Over-thinkers

Empaths have this bad habit of linking problems. It might start off with a random thought and they would ultimately find themselves in a web of problems. This pressurizes them and makes them worried about the future. It’s hard for them to face all these thoughts stuffed up in their head and eventually, they find themselves trapped in a severe episode of depression. Even if it’s something they have thought about and analyzed many times in the past, it will still come back and haunt them.

They just can’t let go of overthinking and analyzing things. Even if they have plans with their friends, their mood will change several times before they finally make a decision to go or to stay at home. You might have noticed some people who always cancel plans in the last minute even though they’ve promised to come at all costs.

6. They have a very diverse taste in music

Empaths become lost in the music. They like songs which have meaningful lyrics. Music that tells them stories about people and their hardships. They don’t like songs about money and cars and other genres of contemporary music. Secondly, they also don’t love a single song for a long period of time. As their emotions and moods fluctuate, their taste in music does as well.

7. They are really easy to talk to

One of the best things about being an empath is that it’s really easy to talk to people like us. We are not bigots. We make no judgments about people and try to understand someone’s part of the story. Our only mission is to give them advice which might help them out. We have no concern about someone’s wrongdoings. Instead of taking things from this world, we just want to add stuff.

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Are you an Empath? Have you noticed any of these traits in you or your friends? Has been an Empath worked to your advantage or disadvantage? Please tell us your stories and your life experiences. We would love to listen to them!

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