7 Prominent signs of insecurity in most women

We all have a few insecurities, but in some cases one has to know whether the other person is a little too insecure or not. If the person is insecure and you are planning not to be with someone with such a problem especially in case of women then there are a few signs which can help you in finding out whether you should be with the woman or not.

Women naturally have a little more issues related to insecurities as compared to men. Many men try their best to avoid women who have such problems. Normally a person who has issues related to insecurities needs a little bit of help. If you think you can’t help someone with such a problem and you want to keep things in a smooth flow without having to deal with these things then these few signs can help you and save you from a lot of effort.

  1. Defensiveness:

    A woman who is insecure will be highly defensive. She will take most of the things that are being said to her as criticism. She will jump straight to conclusions about what her man just said and what it meant. Maybe the person says something in a completely different manner but the woman will take it as if the person was directly targeting over some of her weaknesses. Such women will also accuse their man of saying things which they never actually said or meant.

2. Controlling nature and an authoritarian style:

Every healthy relationship has an equal amount of control from both the partners. When one partner starts to get a little too controlling then the other one ends up suffering. If you are with an insecure woman then you will see that she will be an authoritarian as well as controlling. She will try to make things work her way every time. This can cause a lot of distress for the man and it can also lead too emotional problems. In order to keep yourself mentally healthy, you should avoid such a partner who is a little too controlling in nature as well as an authoritarian.

3. Gets jealous if you interact with other women

In order to survive in the 21st century, interaction with the opposite gender is very important. Whether it is workplace or personal life, one ends up interacting with the opposite gender one way or another even if they do not want to. If you have a partner who gets jealous even at the slightest bit of interaction with the opposite gender and throws tantrums when it happens then your partner has a very serious problem. Every sensible and mature woman understands the fact that one cannot survive without interacting with others. If a woman gets a little too aggressive and jealous when you interact with the opposite gender even for very important reasons then the woman has issues related to insecurities. Such women can be really hard to handle and there’s a possibility that you will spend most of your time in convincing your partner that you are not cheating on them and you were just having a normal conversation with the other person. – Continue reading on next page

4. Habit of belittling others

There is nothing worse than spending a lot of time with a person who thinks really high of their own self and belittles others. An insecure woman would always belittle others around her and her partner as well. She will always praise her own self. In such a case, things can get very tough and instead of getting peace and comfort from a relationship, the person would end up getting a lot of stress.

5. Problem of overreacting

An insecure woman will always overreact even at the tiniest bits of problems. A normal person usually learns to compromise over things which are not that big but a woman who is insecure will always make sure that she makes a big deal over problems which can be overlooked.

6. Holds a grudge every time

An insecure woman would always hold a grudge. Sometimes it is very healthy in a relationship to forget the mistakes of your partner but if a woman is highly insecure then she holds onto that grudge in order to make her partner feel bad about whatever he has done. This gives them a feeling of being the better one in the relationship but in fact deep down they know that they are the ones with the flaws.

7. She blames every problem on others

An insecure woman would always think that all the problems in her life are because of others. Such women never take responsibility of the mistakes that they make and they blame all their problems on people around them. This is a defense mechanism through which they make their own selves feel like they are better than the others.

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