7 Questions That Your Partner Is Probably Too Shy To Ask You According To Experts

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Relationships always need free and open communication. It’s like a broken record at this point, but this is something that really needs to be repeated constantly. All couples have to be reminded that the key to building a long-lasting bond with someone is to always maintain open and honest lines of communication with them. A couple that encourages strong systems and dynamics of communication within their relationship is always going to be a stable couple. However, communication does have its limitations at times. There are just certain topics that a lot of people will have difficulty bringing up in conversations with their significant other.

We’ve always been taught and encouraged to talk about absolutely anything with the people that we love, but we often don’t realize just how difficult that is. Relationship experts tell us that communication is important because it allows couples to maturely approach difficult ideas that involve emotional stress, sex, conflict management, and physical intimacy to name a few. To couples who have a very strong communication game, then approaching difficult topics like those won’t necessarily be an issue. But not all couples are going to have a communication game that is on point every single time. There are just certain questions that make us think twice before we throw them out there into the open.

There are certain questions that we hold back because we’re afraid of seeing how our partners will end up reacting or answering. However, at the end of the day, couples must eventually be willing to broach these topics in an effort to really get closer to their partners. As difficult as that may seem, it’s an absolute necessity in any relationship. So if you’re curious about what kinds of questions your partner is just dying to ask you in the relationship, then wonder no further. Here are some examples of the questions that your partner is just too shy to ask you about.

1 .Am I enough for you in the bedroom?

Sexual needs are always a taboo subject. It doesn’t matter if you’ve only been dating for a couple of weeks or if you’ve been together for a couple of decades. You always want to make sure that you’re performing well for your partner in the bedroom. But it can be difficult for a lot of people to ask this question because it would hurt too much to realize that they just aren’t meeting the needs of their partners. However, sexual intimacy can always be built on and improved over time.

2. Am I better than your previous partners?

Another awkward question to ask your significant other is if you are actually able to compete with previous relationships. Of course, you would always want to believe that your partner thinks so much better of you than they would about their exes. But you can’t really know for sure unless they tell you. That’s why this is such a difficult question for people to ask in relationships.

3. Have you ever cheated on me or felt the urge to?

Cheating is difficult. This question can even often feel like a trap. Depending on the personalities of the people involved in the relationship; the answer to this question could potentially make or break a romance. The act of cheating is one thing, but feeling the urge to cheat on a partner is another animal entirely.

4. Do you still have feelings for your exes?

As difficult as it may be to think about, people always find themselves wondering if their partners still have feelings for their exes. You never want to come off as needy or competitive, but you still can’t help but be curious if there is something that you should be worrying about with regards to your partner and their exes.

5. Why does it seem like you always run out of money?

The talk about finances is always a difficult one to have but it’s absolutely necessary for mature couples. As awkward as it may be to call your partner out on their financial irresponsibility, you must be able to do so for the sake of your relationship. Remember that if your relationship is going to last, you really have to be open to one another about financial matters.

6. Do you think you’re making a mistake by being with me?

Insecurities can often eat us up on the inside. And one of the best ways to appease these insecurities is to seek validation from external sources. Some people can feel totally insecure about their place in the relationship, and they might need their partners to reassure them of their worth.

7. Are there things about me that you want to change?

This is another tricky question. Ideally, you would want to imagine yourself as the perfect partner. You would want your partner to say that you are absolutely flawless. But you also know that the only way for you to become a better partner is to be aware of your personal flaws.

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