7 Reasons Men Typically Change After 6 Months In A Relationship

When you first get into a relationship with someone, you always want to hope for the best. You always want to assume the ideal scenario is going to take place. You always assume that the two of you have what it takes to make your relationship last for the long haul.

And when you reach the 6-month point of your relationship, then you know that things are starting to get really serious between the two of you. You are emerging into a new phase of your relationship where things start to get real. And sometimes, this is where a lot of couples will start to reach a breaking point.

Usually, it’s around the 6-month mark where couples will really start to reveal they’re true selves to one another. You and your partner are going to get more comfortable with being your genuine selves – and that can be either good or bad for your relationship. It all depends on your compatibility and how well you are able to handle your differences. Sometimes, it’s around the 6-month mark where a lot of couples will go through some really difficult times.

It’s either you find a way to fall even more in love with your partner or you just start getting bored from being around each other all the time. Of course, it’s normal to feel a little bored throughout occasional stretches of your relationship. However, you always have to be making an effort to keep things interesting and fun in your relationship as well. Otherwise, you are only going to grow farther apart from one another.

That might be one of the probable reasons why men tend to change after 6 months have elapsed in the relationship. But it’s important to stress that there may be other reasons or variables that come into play. You always have to be staying on top of things in your relationship if you want to make things last. If you grow absent-minded and complacent, you’re not going to be able to notice the signs and you risk losing your man entirely.

That’s why it always pays to know WHY men act the way they do and how they usually conduct themselves in relationships. Here are a few other reasons as to why men typically change after 6 months in the relationship.

1. That’s really just how he is on the inside.

Perhaps he’s really just that kind of guy. Maybe he’s just showing you what his true self is like and the past 6 months have been just an act of some sort.

2. He is bored with the relationship.

Maybe he’s just grown bored of the relationship that you have together. Maybe he’s desperate for something new and this relationship hasn’t really been giving him life anymore. Perhaps he’s no longer excited at the thought of being with you.

3. He thinks that he no longer has to be romantic with you.

He thinks that it’s just time for him to cool down a little bit. He doesn’t really feel the need to put effort into being romantic with you anymore because of how stable your relationship already is. He thinks that he can just sit back and relax as your relationship carries on into the future.

4. He has probably cheated on you.

Sometimes, a man will change how he acts in a relationship after engaging in acts of unfaithfulness and infidelity with you. It’s not rare to have someone change his behavior as a result of the guilt that he’s feeling from actually cheating in the relationship.

5. He has grown tired of arguing with you.

Remember that it’s a lot better to have a man who argues with you than a man who just always walks away. It means that he’s grown indifferent and that he’s no longer interested in engaging or communicating with you.

6. You don’t make him work for your love anymore.

He feels like everything in the relationship is already a given. He believes that you’re just going to continue to give him whatever he wants regardless of how he treats you. He knows that you’re madly in love with him and that he doesn’t really have to be doing anything to earn it anymore. That’s why his approach to being your boyfriend has changed dramatically.

7. His love for you has really started to fade.

Maybe he’s just not as in love with you as he once was. Perhaps his love for you has really started to fade and dissipate. If this is the case, you really have to try to get back to the foundations and roots of your relationship. Remind him of why he fell in love with you in the first place. And do whatever you can to make sure that his love for you not only stays but actually continues to grow throughout the stretch of your relationship.

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  1. My boyfriend was nice, helpful and respectful. After about 4-5 months he became disrespectful and rude. I would get tired of it and leave beg me to come back and do the same thing again for 5 months later he’s disrespectful and rude. I guess he he’s willing that way that he could treat them his mother and father had the same relationship the father disrespected and talked down to his wife and be little her but not me I take it for a couple weeks and I talk s***

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