7 Reasons Narcissists Hate It When People Around Them Are Happy

Narcissists aren’t always going to have the best self-esteem in the world. Sure, they might seem like they are successful. They may have garnered plenty of achievements for themselves in life. However, that doesn’t necessarily take away from their self-esteem issues; it doesn’t necessarily mean that they still aren’t insecure about who they are.

You have to understand that all narcissists tend to have a false sense of entitlement. They will see themselves as the centers of the universe. They are constantly seeking the admiration, praise, and validation of the people who are around them. They lack sensitivity, thoughtfulness, mindfulness, and empathy for the people around them.

They are also dangerously envious. It’s not enough for them that they are succeeding for themselves, but they will want to make sure that the people around them aren’t getting ahead. That’s why it’s always dangerous whenever you spend time around a narcissist. They are likely plotting how they can step on your feet just so they can get ahead in life. You always need to be looking out for yourself when a narcissist is around

When a person is a narcissist, it means that they exhibit traits of arrogance, self-centeredness, and neediness. And the weird thing is that despite the self-centeredness, narcissists tend to really lack in self-awareness. They are rarely ever aware of how toxic and unreasonable they are being with the way that they conduct and carry themselves in this life. They mostly refuse to admit that they are terrible people even though they are so clearly hurting the people around them.

A selfish individual will always hate seeing other people succeed in this life. They might think that they’re the center of the universe, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t feel threatened by other people. Here are a few reasons why narcissists hate it when people around them are happy:

1. Narcissists themselves are never happy.

A narcissist is going to have UNREASONABLY high expectations for themselves. They are incredibly entitled and they will think that they are deserving of everything they could possibly want in this life. And because they have such high expectations, they have difficulty finding a sense of happiness and contentment in this world. That’s why they hate it so much whenever they see other people finding happiness in their own lives.

2. Narcissists lack empathy.

A narcissist is not going to have high levels of empathy. It’s likely that they will have any sense of empathy whatsoever. They will not really appreciate the plights and efforts that other people go through just to earn their successes and achievements in life. They will only see a person who is undeserving of the happiness that they are getting.

3. Narcissists think they are better and more deserving than other people.

Narcissists aren’t going to be happy when other people find happiness because they think that all the happiness in the world should be reserved for them. They see themselves as a better class of human beings; therefore, they think that they are entitled to all the possible happiness that a person could acquire in this life. However, this is clearly a delusion, and that’s why they’re so upset all of the time.

4. Narcissists feel more comfortable when the people around them are miserable.

Misery loves company, right? And that’s exactly why narcissists find a sense of joy and fulfillment when they can witness other people’s misery. They are so miserable themselves, and they are going to want other people to be in the same boat as them. They just don’t want to feel left out, especially when feeling and being happy.

5. Narcissists believe they are the only good people in this world.

A narcissist will see themselves as the only source of good in this world. They can never see themselves doing any wrong. And as a result, they think that they are the only ones in this world who are TRULY deserving of finding happiness and success in life.

6. Narcissists hate being placed in a bad light.

A narcissist gets jealous a lot. And it’s not that hard to see why. They think that when other people find success or happiness, they believe that it only highlights their own personal fears, weaknesses, and insecurities.

7. Narcissists don’t like to share the glory.

The narcissists of the world will be fighting over control of the spotlight. They will always want to be the center of attention. They will always want to have all eyes on them. That’s why they hate it when other people can find success. They don’t want to share any sense of glory or praise with other people – as if there is a finite amount of admiration in this world.

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