7 Reasons Why A Committed Couple Might Still Engage In Cheating

There are so many couples out in the world today who serve as sources of inspiration and hope for the lot of us who want to find happiness and fulfillment in a life full of love and companionship. These are the couples who always find a way to persist in their relationships no matter how difficult or challenging things might get. These are the relationships that stay strong in the midst of adversity and turmoil.

A lot of people make the mistake of thinking that the strongest couples are the ones who don’t really have troubled or challenging relationships. But that’s a real mistake. All relationships are always going to carry with them a fair share of challenges and difficulties. However, the best couples are the ones that are able to weather the storms. They are the ones who are able to steady the ships and keep afloat in spite of the emotional gusts of wind.

One of the many challenges that most couples face these days is infidelity and unfaithfulness. There are just too many relationships these days that end up succumbing to cheating and betrayal. And a lot of the time, couples aren’t really able to recover from such traumatic instances. But there are still so many relationships out there that exhibit the strength and discipline to resist temptation. There are many studies that say that human beings are inherently wired to be unfaithful and polyamorous. But these successful relationships are able to serve as shining beacons of light for the rest of the world.

However, the sad truth remains that not all couples are going to be strong enough to resist the temptations that will inevitably lead to infidelity and unfaithfulness. There are so many opportunities out there that will be presented to couples to cheat on their partners. And a lot of these people in relationships succumb to these temptations.

Something that most couples don’t realize is that only disloyal and unfaithful people cheat. But the truth is that you can have a very committed partner in your relationship who might still make the mistake of cheating on you. There are various determinants surrounding a person’s motivations to cheat. And it isn’t always going to be because they are afraid of commitment.

If you’re curious about why anyone would ever cheat on their partner in a relationship, then read on until the end of this article.

1. Their needs aren’t being met in the relationship.

cheating boyfriend

A person is always going to have certain needs and expectations going into a relationship. And whenever those needs aren’t being met, then dissatisfaction is going to seep in. And that dissatisfaction can lead someone to seek satisfaction elsewhere.

2. They feel lonely in the relationship.

It’s perfectly possible for someone to feel lonely despite being in a relationship. And whenever someone feels a certain sense of loneliness, they might want to seek social fulfillment and interaction from someone else. And in that case, it might potentially end up in an affair with someone outside of the relationship.

3. They feel anger towards their partner.

Anger can be a very dangerous emotion especially when it is channeled into something unhealthy. Whenever someone feels immense anger in a relationship, it can compromise their rational thinking. And whenever someone allows their feelings to get the best of them, it can lead them to make some very poor decisions in the relationship.

4. They are intoxicated.

Intoxication can really put a lot of people in unforgiving and precarious situations. We’re all probably familiar with the stories of people who do stupid things whenever they are under the influence of alcohol or drugs. There are plenty of times wherein people only ever cheat on their partners when they get drunk.

5. They feel immense insecurity and invalidation.

A lot of the time, a person can feel very insecure and invalidated in a relationship. And that’s always dangerous. A person is always going to want to seek appreciation and validation from their romantic partners. And when that isn’t the case, it’s likely that they will want to seek these things from other sources.

6. They are overly curious about exploring.

Sometimes, a person is just going to be inherently curious about something. And that curiosity can prove to be overpowering for a lot of people. They will just not be able to help themselves. They will naturally give into their curiosities because they won’t find a way around it.

7. They think they could get away with it.

And a lot of the time, people just engage in infidelity purely because they think they can get away with it. They will want to indulge themselves in this pleasure because they think that they won’t ever get caught by their partners. They have the whole “what they don’t know won’t hurt them” kind of mindset.

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