7 Reasons Why An Uptight Girlfriend Might Be Exactly What You Need In Life

It’s nice to be a relaxed and chill person. It’s always nice to have that luxury of being someone who can just take things easily; someone who has no frills and doesn’t give much care about anything in life. But that shouldn’t take away from the person who is also the complete opposite; someone who cares too much. There’s also value in someone who doesn’t approach things in a casual and easy manner; someone who always goes all out in terms of effort, passion, and intensity.

A lot of people might call her uptight; and they might do so in a way that somehow demeans or belittles her. But you should know the truth: she might turn out to be exactly what you need in life.

1. She is a very passionate human being.

She’s always going to exude passion in her life; she isn’t going to be afraid of showing it. Passion is one of the most beautiful things that a person could have; and if you know that you’re with a passionate girl, then you’re lucky. If she’s passionate about her career, then she’ll do whatever it takes to find success in that. If she’s passionate about being in a relationship with you, then that means she will really put effort into making sure that this relationship is going to last as well. You won’t ever find her giving less than what is expected from her in this relationship.

2. She will never hesitate to take the lead.

She is a girl who is never going to shy away from the spotlight. She knows that just because she is a girl doesn’t mean that she always has to let you have full control of the relationship. She isn’t afraid of assuming full command and taking the lead in this relationship. She knows that it takes a strong mind and a strong heart to make a love last, and she isn’t afraid of putting her foot down if it means saving the relationship.

3. She knows what she wants in this world and what it takes to get it.

She is highly ambitious and she is never going to be afraid of going after what she wants and demanding for what she thinks she deserves. You won’t have to go through the troubles of figuring out how she really feels about you. You won’t have to read her mind to know what she’s really expecting of you. She knows exactly what she wants; and she isn’t going to be afraid to articulate these things to you so that you really understand where she’s coming from. She’s never going to keep you in the dark.

4. She is always going to be honest with herself and with you.

She’s the kind of girl you can always trust to be honest with you – even to the point of being blunt. She isn’t going to be afraid of sharing the inconvenient truth with you; the necessary kind that may potentially hurt you. You can always trust her to keep things real with you; she isn’t going to hide the truth from you. She is never going to comfort you with lies. She respects you enough to know that you are always going to be worthy of the truth.

5. She won’t be looking to play games with anyone.

You won’t have to worry about her playing games with you because of her serious nature. She isn’t going to toy around with you or your feelings. She isn’t going to leave you high and dry. If she acts serious around you, it’s only because she is. She is never going to be caught playing charades in relationships.

6. She is going to always fight for what she believes in.

She’s a fighter – and while that can be intimidating, it’s always a good thing in the relationship to have someone who is always so willing to fight for it. You know that no matter how hard things might get in your relationship, you have a partner who is always going to be up for the challenge. She is never going to back down in the face of adversity because she is a genuine fighter. She understands the value of fighting for the things she believes in – especially love.

7. She is always going to be there for you.

She is definitely a girl you can grow to rely on and trust. She is dependable. You know that she isn’t a flaker. She is serious about being with you, and she’s always going to take the roles and responsibilities that she has in your relationship seriously. You know that she isn’t the type of girl who is wishy-washy; someone who might be there for one day and gone on the next. She is going to stay CONSISTENT with you. You know that she’s someone you can always be stable with.

    1. I agree, this description doesn’t strike me like someone uptight.
      My wife fits this description and I think we’re perfect for each other.
      We’re very happy and have been together for 16 years.

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