7 Reasons Why Dating A Sarcastic Woman Is Cool

I know you already disagree with me but hear me out.В We all have got our own qualities and we all have different perceptions of what good qualities are and which ones are bad. I’ll try and explain this as simply as possible, bear with me! Basically, what suits us and works for us eventually becomes a good quality in our eyes, could be something we appreciate also, and vice versa for the bad ones.
Being sarcastic, to be honest, doesn’t really suit a lot of people. Thus, it is generally assumed that it is better to stay away from sarcastic women.

I’d like to differ because there are a lotВ of things that come with being sarcastic and they are all adorable. If you really try and understand the true essence of it, I’m sure you will see it too.

1. Sarcastic women have a great sense of humour

Observe all the women and you will be able to notice that sarcastic women have a great sense of humour and they are one heck of a company. We all want someone in life who can really make us smile, someone we can share our laughs with. Sarcastic women are just the people to share it with.

2. They cant keep things to themselves

With them, you really don’t have to keep second guessing if they are upset or not. Women have this habit of not saying to your face that they are upset, they expect you to know it yourself.В This one habit really makes men go crazy but with sarcastic women, you don’t have to worry about that. They might come off as too strong but once they have got it out of their system, they are better and you finally have a direction to work in.

3. Those spontaneous bursts of laughter

Fighting with them often ends up in laughter because of their witty comebacks and, well, taunts. Either them or you burst out in laughter. Such are the moments to cherish.

4. They are straightforward and honest

They will tell you the right thing and will accept you telling them the right thing. They take it as their duty to improve you and will agree with you if you point out something in them that they need to work on. No drama!

5. They accept their faults

Because they are so open about the faults they observe and see in others, they also know their own weaknesses and they know when they’ve made a mistake. They will be the first ones to come and apologise, even before you notice it. They will also try and make it up to you because they are great at reflecting on their own mistakes, they would want to undo all the harm that it has caused.

6. They can laugh with you, at others

You know sometimes, when we come back home after a bad day at work because the boss wasn’t really nice to us and didn’t appreciate something we accomplished. The times we want to rant it out to someone who will listen and help us feel better. Well, sarcastic women are the best kind of people for that, they will not only listen to you but come up with such hilariously harmless comments about them that you will start feeling better about yourself.

7. They truly care

The reason they are sarcastic is that they care a little too much about their environment, in general. And everything and anything other than the usual that really disrupts the environment or starts to brew up controversies will bother them. That is only because they care a little too much.

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Have you been with a sarcastic woman? How was the relationship like? Share your experiences with me in the comments below! And as always, stay blessed and keep the love alive!

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