7 Reasons Why Grandmothers Are Literally The Best

Think about your grandma for a little bit and think about all of the memories that you associate with her as well. Think about how the kitchen in her house always smelled liked cookies and warm milk because she knew that you would be around.

Think about her long grey hair that she would tie in a neat little bun or ponytail so that she could play with her grandkids. Think about her wrinkled face that crinkled, even more, every time she smiled that sweet smile at you. Think of her soft and enchanting voice that sings you lullabies as you drift off into dreamland.

There is always something about your grandma that is special. She carries some of the same basic functions as a parent. But there’s something in the way that she establishes her relationship with you that is just different. It’s unlike any other relationship that you have ever had with another human being. And she truly is the best.

But the sad part is that not a lot of people are truly appreciative of their grandmothers. They take them for granted. You might even be guilty of that. And it’s sad to see someone of old age; someone whose mortality becomes more and more real every day. You know that your grandmother isn’t going to be around forever. That’s why you have to make sure to treasure whatever time you have left with her.

She might not have the strength or energy to do all of the things that she used to do with you. But that doesn’t mean that her love for you hasn’t grown stronger. You should always be deeply appreciative of the role that your grandmother has played in your life.

If you are still in need of some convincing (or if you need a reminder) about why your grandmother really is the best, then this article is going to be for you. Here are a few reasons as to why grandmothers are literally the best.

1. She cooks the best food every time you’re around.

This is probably obvious, right? No restaurant in the world can beat grandma’s cooking.

2. She cleans up a mess in ways that no one else can.

She is a woman who really knows how to clean up messes – both literal and figurative. She is a wise woman who knows how t keep things neat and orderly. Whenever you have trouble finding something, your grandma is always going to know where it is.

3. She is a woman with a classic taste and sense of style.

You know that you are always going to be able to learn a thing or two from this woman who has a classic sense of style. The thing about her old age is that she is also going to have an old soul. She can teach you about the traditional and classic ways of the world. There is much wisdom there in which you can gather.

4. She is always there for you no matter what.

You know that she is the woman who is always going to be there for you so as long as she is alive. She will always try her best to show up for you so that you never have to feel like you are alone or abandoned in this world.

5. She listens to you about things that you could never tell your parents.

You are always going to feel like you can approach her for anything. You are always going to be made to feel like you can just talk to her about anything. She is never going to allow you to feel like you have to keep things from her.

There will be certain things about your life that you would be uncomfortable with talking to your parents about. But she’s going to be there for you with open ears and an open heart.

6. She spoils you every chance she can get.

She is a woman who is going to spoil you with every chance she can get. She is never going to shy away from pampering you. She is going to give you all of the treats that your parents are too strict to give you themselves. She always wants to put your happiness above anything else in this world. She cares about you so much that it would practically kill her to see you sad.

7. She might love you even more than she loves her own kids.

Of course, she is never going to admit it. But somehow, you always get the sense that she loves you even more than she loves your parents. You just feel it in your soul that even though she isn’t the woman who was responsible for directly bringing you into this world, she still loves you with the utmost intensity.

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