7 Reasons Why It’s Okay For You To Be A Hopeless Romantic

When you hear the term “hopeless romantic,” what kind of image comes to mind? What do you think of whenever you are confronted with that idea? Usually, in the movies, books, or TV shows, the hopeless romantic is always portrayed as a loveless blind optimist.

They are often portrayed as foolish in character. They are those who take romance and relationships way too seriously and they end up looking like fools as a result of their over-enthusiasm. But is it really that bad to be portrayed as a hopeless romantic? Is it really bad to obsess over relationships and love that much?

There was a recent study that was published from the Journal of Social and Personal Relationships and it talked about romanticism and its impact on relationships.

The study took a look at the lives of 270 young couples and it was found that those who had higher expectations in their relationships were more likely to view their partners as perfect matches for them.

It’s not really that bad to be a hopeless romantic. And if you still aren’t convinced, then maybe this article can help bring your mind around. Here are a few reasons why it’s okay for you to be a hopeless romantic:

1. Hopeless romantics are very positive and persistent.

Hopeless romantics are people who are always going to bring a sense of positivity and optimism into the relationship. And you can be sure that you will be infected by all of that positive energy.

You will find it a lot easier to be happy and content with life when you’re around a hopeless romantic. But they will also teach you the value of perseverance and persistence in pursuing the things that you want.

2. There is nothing superficial about their love and affection.

When a hopeless romantic tells you that they love you, then you always know that it’s a big deal. You know that they’re not just telling you that they love you for the sake of it.

They really do love you in the purest sense of the word. There is no malice behind the love that they have for you.

3. You know that they’re always going to take the relationship seriously.

When you do get into a relationship with a hopeless romantic, you will bear witness to how seriously they take love and romance. They understand that they have roles to play in the relationship and they will play these roles perfectly.

They would never be afraid of giving their hundred percent effort to their relationships.

4. They will help make you a better person if you let them in.

A hopeless romantic is always going to help you become a better person. You just have to have the courage to actually let them into your life. You will see how pure their hearts are and how genuine their intentions in life are always going to be. And you will be inspired to be the same way.

5. They aren’t really all that hard to please.

A hopeless romantic is often perceived to be someone who has incredibly high standards. But that isn’t always the case. A hopeless romantic is always going to find happiness and fulfillment even in the simplest things in life.

6. They are always honest about how they feel.

A hopeless romantic will never be one to mince words. They will always know how to communicate their feelings to you so that you are never in doubt. You would never have to find yourself guessing what they’re thinking or feeling. They will always stay transparent with you.

7. They will stay as committed as possible in your relationship.

And at the end of the day, the hopeless romantic’s greatest strength is commitment. You know that this is a person who would never stray away from being with you. This is a person who is going to give you everything that they’ve got and then some.


A hopeless romantic is actually someone who is going to bring so much to the table. These days, a lot of people can get the wrong idea of love and relationships. It can be so easy to confuse love for lust and physical attraction.

There are so many dating apps out there that are more geared towards sexual hookups and casual flings more than actual deep relationships. And that’s exactly where hopeless romantics step in.

You might consider them to be more old school. But there is actually sound reason to support their approach to love. They are always interested in what is real and true.

They only recognize full potential. They will be there to fulfill your grandest dreams of love and romance. And they’re always going to give everything that they have.

And they’re going to inspire you to give it everything that you’ve got as well. In fact, it’s the hopeless romantics who are still keeping love alive in a world where true love is hard to come by.


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