7 Reasons Why Married Men Cheat

Many women wonder why married men cheat. It’s not just about saying “men will be men” or thinking they don’t care. There are different reasons, like feeling angry, unloved, wanting sex, or not feeling good about themselves. Not every case of cheating is the same, and research shows it happens in more than 40% of marriages.

Cheating is a choice, and people usually know what they’re doing. Many men cheat in marriage, about 25% according to a study. This shows it’s not just about wanting sex; there are other reasons too.

Well, what are the most common reasons why married men cheat?

1. Marital boredom

Being in a long-term relationship can sometimes get boring. If both partners don’t keep things interesting, they might grow apart. When life feels dull, a man might cheat if he doesn’t feel close to his spouse. In these situations, someone else can seem exciting and bring the thrill he’s missing.

2. Low self-esteem and insecurities

We all have times when we don’t feel good about ourselves because of our insecurities. Some people don’t know how to handle these feelings in a healthy way. For example, a man with low self-esteem might cheat on his spouse to feel better about himself. It’s like a quick fix, even though it can hurt his marriage and family.

3. Sexless marriage or sexual rejection

When a man is in a marriage with little intimacy, especially if it starts early when he still wants it a lot, it can make him feel really bad. It’s also hard when his spouse keeps saying no to his advances. This can leave him feeling frustrated and not good about himself. It’s better to talk about these problems or get help from a therapist, but some men may choose to find comfort with someone else, which can lead to affairs focused only on sex.

4. To punish or get back at his wife

Sometimes, married men cheat because they’re mad at their wives. They might feel ignored or hurt and think cheating is a way to get back at them. Instead of talking about it, they decide to hurt their spouse in return. But it’s important to know that talking things out is a better way to fix problems.

5. The lure of the forbidden fruit

Some men cheat because they like the thrill of keeping it a secret. It’s like doing something they’re not supposed to, and that can be tempting. They might believe they won’t get caught, but usually, it causes more trouble than happiness.

6. Misogyny is among the common cheating reasons

Some men cheat because they have a disrespectful attitude towards women. They see them as objects rather than equals. This disrespectful view can lead them to cheat, thinking it’s acceptable.

7. A cheating man could have an insecure attachment style

Some men cheat because they feel insecure. They might worry that their partner doesn’t love them or will leave them. Cheating might make them feel safer temporarily, but it often makes things worse later on. Building trust and talking to each other is a better way to fix these problems.

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  1. I think men do cheat when they get wealth when they are still poor they stick to there wives but when things get better they start looking for another woman to eat the money with

  2. Married men cheat because of loss of respect for their wives , because of other issues going on in the marriage. Maybe it shouldnt happened (marriage) and besides . Cheating is a choice , it doesnt just happen (thats a copout answer) own up to your actions (both men and women) quit lieing , face the issues and be happy . Otherwise divorce and have self respect.

  3. I have been married for almost 3 years. We’ve been together for 6 years. I have no biological kids. I have Noone to pass on my last name. My current wife has 2 from a previous marriage, but we are having difficulty conceiving now. Would it be wrong to get divorced and re-marry to have a family of my own?

    1. Robert I would say yes it would be wrong. In fact I think you would taint your last name that you want do pass along if this is the reason you want to get divorced. Just think about how people talk about your own name instead of passing the last name down. Be a honorable man and love and respect your wife. As you do that you will become more one with her and her children will love you more. They will accept and see you as a father, and eventually you will become a grandfather to their children and then your name will mean the world to them.

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