7 Reasons Why She No Longer Believes In Love

She is a special woman. She is going to be quite different from any other girl you have ever met. She is the kind of girl who knows exactly what she wants out of love and life. And she isn’t afraid of going after what she wants either. She is definitely a go-getter. She is the kind of girl who understands her worth and she isn’t going to settle for anything or anyone who is less than what she deserves.

When you first see this girl, you might think that she is so incredibly cold, heartless, and distant. You might think that she is rigid and that she doesn’t really know how to get along with the people around her. But you shouldn’t make that mistake. She isn’t a woman who is completely devoid of emotion. She isn’t a woman who has a robot heart. She is not a woman who is incapable of love.

On the contrary, she has been in love before. It’s just that it didn’t turn out so well. It’s just that her love ended up betraying her and hurting her to her core. She was in love once but everything just eventually came crumbling down on her. She has been burned by love way too many times. And she has had enough. She doesn’t allow herself to be caught up in love anymore.

She has just convinced herself that maybe she’s too difficult to love and that perhaps love just isn’t in the cards for her. She might believe that love is just never going to work out for her. And here are a few reasons as to why she might think like that.

1. She has been hurt so much before.

She is a girl who has been hurt and betrayed so many times in the past. She has tried her hand at love and she has lost multiple times. She put herself out there but none of it really paid off. She took some risks but they all ended up failing her. And she’s so tired of getting hurt at this point. She doesn’t want to get hurt anymore.

2. She is a very complicated human being.

She knows that she is a very complex human being with a very complicated personality. That’s why she doesn’t really believe that anyone could ever love her anymore. She knows that people are just bound to be put off by her personality. She believes that her eccentricity is going to be her biggest weakness.

3. She is very strong and independent.

She is also strong and independent. She has convinced herself that she doesn’t really need to be in a relationship for her to find happiness. She knows that she doesn’t need to be with a man for her to find success in life. She knows that she is perfectly fine of just standing on her own two feet.

4. She doesn’t want to settle for mediocrity.

She definitely doesn’t want to just settle for mediocrity. She is going to demand a lot from herself because she expects nothing less. She is always going to hold herself to a certain standard. And so that means that she is going to hold whoever she is in a relationship with to a very high standard as well.

She isn’t a girl who is just going to settle for the next person who will give her some attention. Unfortunately, not too many people are going to be keen on meeting her standards.

5. She is a very old soul.

She is an old soul. She is one of those classic types of people who will just want to be wined and dined. She is going to want the people who date her to actually put in the effort.

She isn’t going to be in it for the instant gratification. She believes in the proper process of falling in love. And that makes it difficult for her to find love because so many people just want to rush through love these days.

6. She believes in the idea of forever.

She is the kind of woman who believes in long-term relationships. She believes in the forever kind of love. Sure, she is passionate. But she knows how to pace herself.

And she’s not interested in being with anyone who is only looking for casual flirtations or short-term flings. She wants the real deal. She is an all-or-nothing kind of girl. And unfortunately, she seems to be getting the short end of the stick a lot.

7. She would rather be single than be stuck in a relationship she hates.

And she is the girl who has no tolerance for terrible behavior in relationships. She is perfectly comfortable with just being single. In fact, she would much rather just be on her own than be with someone who doesn’t make her happy.

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