7 Reasons Why The Strongest Women Suffer The Most When Dating

Life is rarely ever fair. Some of us are going to have it worse off than others. And that’s just the way life is sometimes. It can all boil down to the luck of the draw.

There are some women who seem to find their men so easily and quickly. And they seem to do so effortlessly; without much fuss or hassle. And it’s really unfair that they are able to find success in love this way.

They get into loving and wonderful relationships that help bring out the best in them and help them grow. These are the women who seem like they have everything figured out when it comes to life and love.

And then there are also those women who aren’t so lucky in love. They try everything under the sun to attract love into their lives but nothing ever seems to work out for them.

They really put themselves out there for love but something just always seems to go wrong. They seem to attract the wrong kinds of people and they end up having to pay dearly for it. All they want is love but all they get for their efforts is disappointment, anguish, heartache, and regret. And it can get really tiring.

These women are very smart and charismatic. They are deeply ambitious and persistent.

They have acquired much success for themselves over the years and they’re bound for more success in the future – except, apparently, in the area of love and romance. Why is it so hard for these strong and independent women to find true love? It truly is a puzzling thing to think about.

So, let’s try to shed some light on that question here. Here are a few reasons as to why the strongest women suffer the most when dating.

1. Men are usually intimidated by them.

They can usually come off as very intimidating to a lot of men because of their strength and passion in life. They aren’t girls who just stand on the sidelines and look pretty. They aren’t living a passive life. These are the kinds of girls who actually go out and take what they want in the world. But not a lot of guys are going to be so receptive of ambitiousness from a woman.

2. They are independent almost to a fault.

These strong women are going to be so independent that it might scare away a lot of the men who want to take care of them. They are just so sued to just acting on their own and getting the job done without anyone else’s help.

3. They are so selective because of their high standards and expectations.

These girls are never going to settle for just anyone. They are always going to want to be with someone they know they are deserving of. These girls really have a good sense of self-worth.

And that means that she isn’t going to settle for a guy who is okay with living a life of mediocrity and simplicity. She has very high standards because she holds herself to those same standards as well.

4. They are very passionate and intense.

They are so passionate and overly intense at times that they can come off as very intimidating to the men that they meet. They can really get into it and they have a tendency to be very emotional because of their passion.

But that’s not going to be the cup of tea for a lot of men. Most men are always going to prefer their women to be subdued, quiet, and submissive. But she’s not that kind of girl at all.

5. Their ambitions can get in the way of their relationships.

These kinds of women are always going to be ambitious. And they’re going to be so ambitious to the point that they start compromising other aspects of heir life for ambition.

They are more inclined to just choose their careers and their professional lives over relationships. They don’t think they would be able to have enough time to succeed in both.

6. They have eccentric personalities.

These women have very eccentric personalities. In more blunt terms, they can be really weird to a lot of others. They have certain quirks and eccentricities that make them stand out from the crowd.

However, not all men are going to be attracted to such eccentricity. Men typically like to go for women they can easily figure out.

7. They are usually very hard to find.

And lastly, these women are just way too hard to find. They’re not the kind of girls who spend every single Friday night at the same bar or club. They’re not the women who typically like to work outside of their routines.

They like to keep to themselves a lot and that’s a part of why it’s just so difficult to find these girls.

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