7 Reasons Why Two Virgos In A Relationship Is A Good Idea

I am a Virgo and I am proud of it. I have always been a real perfectionist. I have always been so picky. I have always had high standards – and it has always stemmed into my relationship as well. However, I know that my pickiness can really be detrimental to my pursuits of love. I know that I shoot myself in my own foot a lot when it comes to the way that I am in relationships. I always like to search for safety and security in people that I date. And a lot of the time, I can demand way too much way too early in a relationship. And that’s why I tend to intimate a lot of the people that I try to date. I always look for dependability and reliability. And that’s not a simple thing. With my own personal level of needs and expectations, it can be hard or anyone to be able to keep up with me. It can be difficult for someone who can take me on an adventure of love while keeping me secure, safe, and comfortable.

And that’s when I realized that maybe I just needed to find someone who was more like myself. Maybe the problem was with the fact that I was always forcing people to be more like me when I should have been trying to find people who were already like me, to begin with. I know that a lot of astrologers are against this idea. A lot of people don’t really buy into the idea of having two alike people get into a relationship together. They say that there is going to be a need to establish balance in a relationship – and having two people who are the same can create an imbalance. That imbalance might cause some serious dysfunction as well. However, as a Virgo, I’ve fallen into so many incompatible relationships already. And this is why I wanted to give this a try. This is why I think that Virgos should just date other Virgos.

1. You already know the essence of each other’s personality.

You won’t really have to put too much effort into getting to know one another because you are practically the same person already. You will have minimal friction in the relationship because of the similarities that you have in your personalities. You already know what the other is going to like and dislike. And that means it will be easy for you to figure out each other’s needs.

2. You care enough to pay attention to the details.

As Virgos, you are always going to have great attention to the little things. You are always going to pay attention to the details. And that’s why you can always be confident that both of you are never going to take the relationship for granted. That means that you know you have a partner who is going to give just as much effort to the little things as you do.

3. You have a very practical and pragmatic bond together.

You are a pragmatic person. And when you get into a relationship with another Virgo, you are going to get into a relationship with another pragmatic person. That means that you’re going to have a very practical relationship overall. As a result, you aren’t really going to have much drama in your relationship. You won’t have to sweat the useless and unnecessary stuff.

4. You are likely to be the same people decades down the line.

Virgos rarely ever change their core essences. And that’s why you can be assured of a partner who is likely to be the same person decades down the line. This is great for people who are in long-term relationships. This means that the person you fall in love with is likely to be the same person that you’re eventually going to grow old with as well.

5. You are both going to share the same sense of humor.

It should practically be common knowledge at this point that having a shared sense of humor is going to be good for any relationship. And if you get into a relationship with another Virgo, then you are going to have an opportunity to just laugh at the same things in your relationship. You will have lots of fun and you will enjoy each other’s company more.

6. You’re going to have really great sex.

Who doesn’t love great sex? It’s especially important in an intimate and romantic relationship. When you get into a relationship with a Virgo, that means you are with someone who will know how you like it in the bedroom because of how alike the two of you are.

7. You will be with someone who mirrors all of your best qualities.

And of course, you would want to be with someone who exhibits a lot of the best parts of yourself. It’s practically a no-brainer.

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