7 Reasons You Tend To Attract Toxic Men

First of all, it’s very important to note that if you find yourself in a toxic relationship, it’s never your fault. You are the victim in that situation and you should never be blaming yourself. You are not the reason that you are experiencing so much pain and torment at the hands of your toxic partner. However, if you keep finding yourself in such compromising positions with these toxic people, then you need to reassess your own life.

You need to take a long hard look at yourself and figure out what it is that you’re doing to get yourself in such bad positions. You need to figure out why you keep attracting the wrong kinds of men. Remember that at the end of the day, you need to really protect yourself. You really need to realize that you are the only one who has your own back in this world. And that’s why you need to arm yourself with the proper information and knowledge that you need to defend yourself; to keep yourself protected.

Now, there may be a lot of possible reasons as to why you tend to attract toxic men. Even all toxic men are unique individuals who are driven by their own personal motivations and desires. However, it can be very easy to point out the obvious reasons; the more blatant ones. And if you find that a lot of these reasons apply to you, then you really need to make an adjustment. You have to make sure that you aren’t digging your own emotional grave by always drawing the wrong people into your life. Here are 7 reasons that you tend to attract toxic men into your life.

1. You have a very low sense of self-confidence.

You have very low self-confidence and so it makes you a very easy target. You don’t really think much of yourself. You don’t know your worth and so it makes you very susceptible to the advances of a toxic individual. Since you don’t really have that much confidence, you don’t really demand for what you’re deserving of. You don’t fight for your worth.

2. You are just far too nice.

You are too nice to everyone that you meet. And it’s unfortunate to entertain the idea of having to lower the level of niceness that you espouse. You always want to be your best and nicest self. However, you have to be able to pick and choose your spots as well. You don’t want to be overly nice to the point that you compromise your own sense of well-being. You want to always be putting your own welfare ahead.

3. You are just far too empathetic.

Empathy is something that you should never just let go of completely. It’s always nice of you to be empathetic towards other people. You should never compromise your sense of sensitivity. However, you should also know that a lot of problematic people are going to be attracted to you because of your aptitude for empathy. They will love that you’re so willing to listen to them talk about their problems.

4. You are an obsessive fixer and problem solver.

You see something that’s broken, and you obsess over trying to fix it. You see a problem somewhere, and you obsess over trying to find a solution for it. You have always been that way in life, and it has carried over into your relationships. You seek out the very flawed and broken people because you so desperately want to fix them. It’s an obsession that you have.

5. You aren’t keen on setting boundaries with the people you meet.

You let people exploit you all they want because you don’t really set boundaries in your life. You don’t really set rules. You don’t keep people at a distance. And you let them walk all over you because of your reluctance to set and enforce boundaries.

6. You are bent and broken because of failed love in the past.

You have to remember that toxic people like to feed on the people who are already weak and broken. And when they see that you are still clearly carrying emotional baggage from past failed relationships, you are essentially giving them an invitation to take advantage of you. These manipulative people are going to want to prey on you for your weaknesses and vulnerability.

7. You serve as their only hope that they have for change.

Sometimes, you can serve as a shining beacon of light to these toxic men. They genuinely want to change because they see the destruction that they cause in the lives of so many people around them. And that’s why they want to cling to a person like you. They see you as the only chance that they have to turn their lives around. They see you as a reminder of everything that they could be if they just make a change.

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