7 Seemingly Green Flags In Relationships That Are Actually Blazing Red

When you start dating someone new, you’ll want to watch for signs that things are going well. But sometimes, what seems good could actually be a problem. Remember, not everything is as simple as it looks, so stay alert. It’s smarter to be cautious than regretful.

Here are some things to be careful about.

1. He’s at your beck and call

This guy goes out of his way for you, even though you barely know him. He goes across town just to see you, even if it’s far. He helps you move to your new place even when he’s busy with work. If he’s always doing a lot, it might mean he’s trying really hard to make you happy. He could be going overboard, maybe even letting you take advantage of him.

2. He’s keen to meet your folks

You both have only met for like two or hardly three dates and he is already insisting on meeting your parents. You might find this nice and think he is looking for a serious relationship, but actually, it’s a bit fast. Why is he in a hurry? Rushing into a relationship and not taking enough time to get to know each other properly before meeting each other’s families can create big problems.

3. He makes you laugh. A lot

It’s really nice to find someone funny, but it can be a problem if he’s always joking around so much that he never gets serious.

4. He always cleans up nicely for dates

You like a guy who looks after himself and pays attention to how he looks. He has great hair and dresses well, but here’s the thing. If you’ve been dating for a while and you’ve never seen him in comfortable clothes or with his hair not so perfect, there might be something going on. Why doesn’t he feel at ease and relaxed around you? Is he hiding something?

5. He has a lot of female friends

    He doesn’t really have guy friends; he prefers spending time with girls. It might look like he’s good with women, but be careful. His group of friends can be a warning sign if most of them are past crushes or exes, and he’s always close to them on social media. That seems suspicious. Remember, who someone hangs out with can tell you a lot about them. It’s important to pay attention to his friendships.

    6. He’s all about one form of communication

    You found a guy who enjoys calling you, and it makes you happy. But remember, it’s good to balance things. If he keeps calling you late at night, even after talking during the day, he might be too intense. It’s not great if he only uses one way to talk and ignores the rest. For instance, if you suggest being friends on Facebook and he says no, he might want to keep parts of his life hidden.

    7. He loves hearing about your drama

    You might feel comfortable telling the guy about your recent argument with your best friend. It’s nice to be honest with him, but if he’s really into the gossip, he could be trying too much to make you like him. Or he might just love gossiping, which could mean he talks about you when you’re not there.

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