7 Signs A Guy Doesn’t Really Like You (He’s Just Using You For An Ego Boost)

Understanding relationships can be both exciting and tricky. When trying to figure out if a guy truly likes you, it’s important to notice the small things that go beyond what he says. In this exploration, we’ll look at signs that could mean a guy is not really interested in you but is using you to feel better about himself.

From how often he calls to the kind of compliments he gives, these hints can help you figure out if the connection is real. Let’s dive into the details and find out if the feelings you have are mutual or if it’s time to rethink the basis of your relationship.

1. He only calls when he needs something

When a guy is just using you for an ego boost, his calls become more like a one-way street. If the only time he picks up the phone is when he needs a favor or wants something from you, it might be a red flag. Genuine connections involve mutual interest and care, not just when it’s convenient for one person.

2. He doesn’t show any interest in your life

In a real relationship, there’s a curiosity about each other’s lives. If he doesn’t ask about your day, your dreams, or how your meeting went, it could be a sign he’s not emotionally invested. A guy genuinely interested in you will want to know more about the person behind the conversations.

3. He’s not there for you when you need him

When tough times hit, and he’s nowhere to be found, it might be a sign of his true intentions. A guy using you for an ego boost won’t be there during the rough patches. In a meaningful relationship, support goes both ways, and being absent when you need a shoulder suggests a lack of genuine connection.

4. He avoids making future plans with you

If he consistently sidesteps discussions about future plans or avoids committing to upcoming events, it may indicate that he’s not envisioning a lasting connection. Someone genuinely interested in you would eagerly plan and look forward to shared experiences, rather than maintaining a distance from any long-term commitment.

5. His compliments are superficial and infrequent

While compliments are often a positive aspect of any relationship, pay attention to their depth and frequency. If he only compliments your appearance occasionally and fails to acknowledge your personality, intelligence, or other qualities, it could be a sign that he’s more interested in the external validation you provide rather than a genuine connection.

6. He keeps his personal life a mystery

A guy genuinely invested in a relationship will open up about his life, sharing personal stories, thoughts, and feelings. If he remains mysteriously distant about his own experiences and emotions, it may suggest he’s not interested in building a deeper connection or sharing the genuine aspects of himself.

7. Your gut feeling tells you something is off

Sometimes, our instincts pick up on subtle cues that our conscious mind might overlook. If your gut feeling is consistently signaling that something is off or that his intentions might not be genuine, it’s essential to trust your intuition. Personal comfort and genuine connection are crucial for a healthy relationship, and if something feels amiss, it’s worth exploring further.

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